As you have noticed last fall, the  stink bugs in Lancaster PA are increasing in numbers. For some, they disappear soon after they arrive in the spring and in the fall. For others, it is a year-round issue before Dominion Pest Control takes over the battle. But one thing is for sure: the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is here to stay.


Dominion Pest Control is leading the way in controlling stink bugs in Lancaster and York Counties, but it has not been an easy venture. No one knew for sure exactly how they would behave on our continent since being introduced in 1998 to Allentown, PA. “I sounded like an alarmist three years ago”, says owner Greg Pettis. “I kept telling everyone that the stink bugs were going to get really, really bad—people just looked at me like I was from a different planet.” Pettis predicted his suspicions based on reports from residents in Allentown where the stink bugs first showed up.


Now that they arrived in our region, we have learned some interesting facts as the Dept. of Ag continues to monitor the situation. According to Lancaster Newspapers, the PA Dept. of Agriculture reported that thirty percent of the state's crops were ruined by stink bugs in 2010. Additionally, the Dept. of Ag reported that there was three generations of stink bugs in 2010 compared to only one generation of stink bugs in 2009. Pettis believes this phenomenon is due to an instinct found in other insects such as roaches or even rodents—stink bugs have no natural predator and unlimited food sources. “They are going hog wild, nothing eats them and they basically eat the same crops that we do, giving them no restrictions” he explained. “In similar situations, roaches and mice with begin to multiply like there is no tomorrow.”


No other bug seems to be as creative as the stink bug when it comes to finding ways into a home, and this is what has residents in Lancaster and York PA all up in arms. Any point on a home that leaks or exhausts air is a highway in for the stink bugs. This can include fireplaces, bathroom vents, windows, doors, roof ridge-vents, louvers and eaves.


Pettis says there is one thing that separates Dominion Pest Control from other companies: the Powerspray. “We treat all the areas where stink bugs try to enter, leaving them 'dead at the door', so to say. You can't stop them from flying to your house, but you can make it 'Dead on Arrival'”.  Dominion Pest Control LLC may reached at 717-393-7879, or visit them online:Dominion Pest Control.

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