One thing I can relate to now that I have my own Stinker Pinkers is seeing the mom in the Walmart or the Target with the screaming out of control child in the cart. As mothers this is our true bond isn’t it. We can all relate to one another when you have a toddler and you’re just trying to run some errands and you have the screaming child in the cart. I actually don’t do it. I just won’t stay in the store with a screaming child. I have been known to leave my cart with items in it and walk out of the store. But I admire the mom’s who don’t let it phase them. I don’t quite understand these moms…but I admire them. Even with two of us we often have trouble getting through a trip to the grocery store with the boys.

Target has this thing at their bakery, where they give kids a free cookie. We found this out when my parents were visiting and Grandpa saw the sign and hence started Ian on his quest for the free Target cookie. It really is a nice gesture on Target’s part. But it has become an obsession of grandeur for my eldest Stinker.

We have in the past lied to him and told him the bakery was closed…but this only works when it’s dark outside and stupid long summer nights! It hasn’t worked lately. A few months ago we were at Target picking up some things and Ian wanted his cookie. We told him he could get his cookie if he was a good boy at the end of the shopping trip. It was at this moment…we realized…we had been giving in too much…he did not want to wait. He wanted his cookie NOW!!!!!!!! It turned into a HUGE scene in aisle 10 around the cleaning supplies. He threw what I would say should go down in history as one of the largest tantrums known to mankind. On a positive note, we noticed he is not a push-over…this kid is strong and if throwing tantrums doesn’t work out for him I think he might has a career in soccer with the way he kicks. But I digress…

I looked at the hubs and I said, “get…him…out…of…here…”. My husband fireman carried the eldest Stinker to the front of Target kicking and crying bloody murder the whole way out the store. I actually watched to make sure the hubs could get out of the store without being arrested for kidnapping. I then happily finished my shopping trip. But not without a few sympathetic looks from other moms that had noticed the scene and some nice words like, “oh I have been there!” or a mom looking at her daughter and saying, “that’s what you sounded like a half-hour ago”.

When I got back to the car, the eldest Stinker was still sniffling about the cookie. We had a very stern talk with him about his behavior. From now on we always save the cookie for the very end of our trips depending on his behavior. He knows that he will not get a cookie if he throws a tantrum.

I told the husband about the sympathy I got from the other moms. He did not get sympathy. He said many people cleared the way for him and he saw a few shocked looking people reaching for their cell phones. I said, what would you have done if you got stopped for potential kidnapping??? He said, “hand him over and say, ’good luck finding his parents!’”. Touche dear hubby…touche!

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