Suffering from Sick of Sucky Drivers syndrome

I am 100% positive that I am officially suffering from S.O.S.D.S! What does that even stand for? Sick of stinky drivers syndrome! Really! Honestly, half the time I get into the car and pull out into traffic all i want is to throw the car in reverse and pull back into my driveway as fast as i possibly can because I'm afraid that once I leave the driveway that I might not return and it won't be my fault! I'm being serious though there are so many people out there driving on the roads that just shouldn't be and its terrifying. Every time I get into the car i cross my fingers that I'll make it out in one piece and I'm pretty sure that living in Florida only makes it worse.....all those old folks. You've got grandma(or grandpa) in the left lane going fifteen miles an hour, barely able to see over the steering wheel and about to pull into on coming traffic while traffic swerves around her in an attempt to avoid hitting her. 

Then you've got the teenager who has probably only had their drivers license for a week, has a car full of their friends, is doing twice the legal speed limit and talking on their cell phone without a care in the world. Really? That's about the time i usually get that "I should have stayed home. We don't really need eggs or milk or god forbid anything else" feeling and have to physically force myself to continue to not turn the car around or start yelling at the teenager while stopped along side of them at a red light. Then there is my absolute favorite or should i say the one that i dread being on the road with the most. The minivan driving mom, the one that's talking on her cellphone, swerving in and out of traffic at speeds that a minivan shouldn't be capable of doing, while her toddlers jump up and down on the back seats of the van or worse are climbing across the dashboard(seriously, i saw this once). When i say toddlers I mean toddlers, the kind that should still be buckled into a car seat with a five point harness system or at least in a seat belt. Don't try and tell that to supermom though cause she won't hear you over her screaming children instead she'll speed off and you'll pray that your not heading in the same direction. 

Unfortunately, I know that i can't hide in my house, that my son has needs that I have to meet and that the only thing i can do is make sure hes safely buckled in his own car seat and that my own seat belt is wrapped securely around me and that before i pull out into traffic i say a little prayer that i don't have to meet up with any stinky drivers.

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