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Super Mama Saturday: Tracy of Eco-Friendly TIny Tater Tees

It is pretty safe to say that going green is all the rage. From reusable grocery bags to our refillable stainless steel water bottles, we are all doing our part--even when it comes to fashion. One could even say that green is the new black. Now our kiddos, with thanks to Super Mama-owned-and-operated Tiny Tater Tees, can also join in the movement.

Say hello to Tiny Tater Tees owner Tracy van Ravensway. TBWL had the privilege of conducting an email interview with Tracy. I have also seen her products firsthand at a local farmer's market held at The Shops at Gainey Village in Scottsdale, AZ. Tracy's background is in real estate and she holds a B.A. in Psychology from Arizona State University (yay for my Alma Mater as well!).

TBWL asks...

What are the ages of your kids: Emma is 4 and Nate is 2 1/2. They are 18 months apart and best of friends. (We lunch all the time too).

What made you decide to turn making clothes for your own children, a full business venture of making clothes for other kiddos? My mother gave me the idea for potato printing for the kids. After many compliments from friends and family, I decided to make it into a business. We started out with onesies, tees and growth charts. Now we have lots more to offer…and still growing.

Type of products Tiny Tater Tees sells: Organic Clothing (onesies, tees, yoga pants), growth charts, potato pictures, toys, totes, bath essentials, sunscreen, hair clips, and custom banners. All items are organic and/or eco-friendly.

What is your average price point for a Tiny Tater Tee product? Average is $18. Range is $5-$39 ($79 for custom banners)

How do you decide on what designs to paint? Inspiration comes from my kids PJs , shirts, books, from customer ideas, and from trends.

What percentage of your products are handmade? Organic? About 85% are handmade. 100% are organic and/or eco-friendly. Even our bags, stickers and tissue for packaging are made from recycled materials.

What sets Tiny Tater Tees a part from other children's lines? Colorful and unique prints and products. Usually organic means subtle color and even boring (light browns, greens and pinks). Our line has bright and colorful prints that are certainly not found anywhere else. They are handmade and one-of-a-kind. We also try to find unique products for items that are from other companies to re-sell. Everything is high-quality and fun! My motto is if my kids cannot have it, then we do not sell it…and my kids are everything to me.

Where can BWL purchase Tiny Tater Tees? Online at, in boutiques, stores, at farmer’s markets and craft shows

What is the most surprising aspect of running a business and raising children at the same time? That it can be done. I tend to paint and work while my kiddos are playing or sleeping. Sometimes there are late nights, but very few.

TBWL, is all about unique fashion. What is your current favorite outfit that you sell? To pick a favorite is tough. Although there is never a print that doesn’t sell…The most popular are the hearts, monkey and dinosaur matched with a yoga pant. This picture is of my son in a print with the yoga pants. It is my favorite picture! [TBWL editorial note: we agree. He is darling. The pants too!]

If you could serve up one key piece of advice for new moms, what would it be? How about a few. 1) Have patience. It may feel as though the rough challenges will never end, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. 2) Give lots and lots of hugs and kisses every day…all day. 3) Embrace every moment. ~

TBWL says amen. Seriously, how cute and original are these garbs?! And I really like Tracy's parenting advice... every moment deserves embracing. How much softer those moments are when we realize that!

Tracy and Tiny Tater Tees was kind enough to give TBWL readers 10% off your entire order at Enter “TBWL” at checkout. Good until September 30th, 2010. Thanks Tracy!

Are you a Super Mama too? Submit your profile and company info at

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