We go.

We are always on the go, and I don't like to pack so much "extra just-in-case of the apocalypse" gear.  I don't enjoy those huge strollers that are the width of a regular adult, just to carry a teeny 9 lb. baby and take up loads of space in your car, in the aisle, on the sidewalk.  (Yes, Bambina was an almost 9-pounder and is still happy in her 90th percentile range).  So, I'm a big fan of baby wearing because it's easier for all of us traveling as a pack, and luckily my husband has found a great 'manly' baby bag backpack so he totes the rest of what we need, and my purse fits inside of that.  And, most importantly, it's great all around for the baby.

(Yep, that's me filling the dishwasher with Bambina hanging out.  When the witching-hour strikes on weekday evenings, this is the only way I can keep her calm and quiet- and get dinner and dishes DONE).

I read a TON of reviews, like, I was actively searching out instructional videos and reading why people were giving any 2 star ratings everyday for about a week.  So I went with the Moby Wrap first, which is great.  The fabric gives, and it's comfy for both parent and baby no matter what position you are sitting, standing, or walking in.  But it's gobs and gobs of fabric - and our summer in the Midwest is hovering above 100+ now, and the humidity here feels like wearing corduroy in a sauna.  This carrier is inches and inches of fabric:

Didn't work for me. I need a carrier that could fit both me and my husband, didn't kill my back or shoulders, and didn't require an 8 step process- but all the while made the baby feel snug and didn't occur some type of hip/leg/horrible injury from reviews' having nightmares.

I fell in love with my ErgoBaby carrier!  I should note, that, when Sillyboy was itty-bitty and not a 90th percentiler, I was given a Baby Bjorn structured carrier.  It worked well until he was about 3 months old and then became super uncomfortable and didn't enjoy it at all so I gave up on baby wearing. #sadface

Oh if only I did more research on carriers, or had a co-sleeping, tattooed, baby-wearing mom friend!  I think my husband, Jay, is highly impressed that we've run into a couple of dads baby wearing on our outings- all wearing the ErgoBaby Performance (the breathable fabric one) carrier. Worth. every. penny.

The structure doesn't have leg holes that you fiddle with, and is built so comfortable and cozy using hiking backpack-like design. You have your waist clip, and one collar bone clip, and a whole bunch of straps that can be adjusted and extra for safety, but only takes about 2 minutes to fix when parents switch baby wearing. Genius, I say.

If I were stranded on an island with my family, I would need my structured carrier.  Luckily, it holds babies up to 45 lbs. (bonus for those 90th percentilers), can be used in 3 different carries, and can be popped in the washer should any non-planned messiness occur.  When Bambina was little, I only front carried her.  Now that she's getting bigger,  I can side or back carry her.

I do the dishes, work on dinner, vacuum, site-see, go for walks, wander the mall, and generally avoid stroller toting at crowded places.  I can also take the stairs.  That is super important when there is only 1 elevator available, and a line with double-strollers and family groups galore.  Oh, and I can wander the Sea Life Aquarium with my family in the darkened corridors and let Bambina see sharks up close and personal.

Do you baby wear?  How much have you accomplished while baby wearing?  Does your spouse baby wear, too?  Which carrier is your favorite?

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