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How Due Date Calculators Can Change Your Pregnancy for the Better

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Taxes and The While House Forum on Workplace Flexibility

The economic climate and the need for a more flexible lifestyle is evidenced by the largest group within the Butterfly community- Entrepreneur Moms. As such, with the tax deadline looming, we thought we would offer some last-minute tips for the self-employed:

Gather ALL 2009 receipts in order to justify your deductions. Write-offs may include: a new laptop, phone bills, at-home office space whereas a percentage can be taken off mortgage, rent, as well as utilities, office supplies such a mailings, travel (taxi, plane, gas, mileage, car, bus, tolls) and childcare. Family medical expenses may also be deducted if you employ them legitimately. Also, consider deferring your income if you are leaning towards a higher tax bracket. Most of all, get the right help before April 15 from someone who specializes in self-employment since your needs are different from those employed by a company.

In other timely news, the White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility took center stage on March 31 focused on improving productivity in government and business. The Federal government plans to make changes and aims to attract and retain the best and the brightest talent. The goal is to improve quality to the American people, to adopt smart practices and to pave the way for future workplaces. Let it be known that women now make up half of the workforce! The President issued a report focused on companies doing a better job in meeting the needs of American workers and their families. These changes will positively affect all Americans on how we work and how we live.

Michelle Obama spoke about balancing responsibilities and of the importance of finding the resources one needs in order to be successful. The First Lady spoke about bringing her infant to an interview (lucky for her the President of the company she was vying for had just had an infant herself) and landed the job. Scrambling to make things work is no foreign policy to Michelle Obama and to that she admits, "it doesn't have to be that way." Flexible policies make employees more productive, which in turn is better for a company's bottom line. Period. The government is keen on a compressed work week, open dialogue between employee and employer, childcare services and the allotment of 7 days paid sick time. It was also noted at the forum that one-third of workers say that work/life flexibility is the number one thing they look at in considering a job.

It is clear that workplace flexibility is necessary; it's now a matter of making it a working reality. Campbell's is one such company to be applauded for this. They have recognized that workplace flexibility is a necessity and shared at the forum the importance of creating a high trust culture to best develop and retain talent. As a result, Campbell's has improved earnings and return on invest despite the recession. Best Buy too showed a 40% increase in productivity when focused on workplace flexibility. In offering working moms a compressed week, telecommuting or work from home opportunities, we will be on our way to achieving the work-life harmony we so desire.

Watch the Forum on Workplace Flexibility Opening Session

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