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Teddy Bears Personalized Review & Giveaway

Recently I was in the market to get something unique, cute and perfect for my "not quite" Sister-In-Law for Mother's Day. It was her first Mother's Day (sorta, cuz she's been a step bonus Mom for a few years, but she just had her first baby last Nov.) So Steve and I wanted to get her something really good for her. Luckily we found something absolutely perfect!

click on picture to see close up of stitching

Teddy Bears Personalized gives you the ability to pick a bear out, pick out the clothes, and then have a message or name embroidered right on the clothes. We picked out a "Funky Friends" Polar pal, with a light blue hoodie. Then we had embroidered on the hoodie this message, "Happy First Mother's Day Julie & Nathaniel. From Steve, Chris, Roger and Jack". We ordered the bear in the evening on May 3rd and it arrived at our door in the afternoon on May 5th.

I was shocked at how soft the bear was. It felt like that wonderfully soft microfiber stuff.. the material that makes you want to keep touching it forever! It was soo amazingly soft! It stood about 8 inches tall, when sitting on the desk. The embroidery is amazingly beautiful! I just absolutely loved it! I couldn't believe how quick it got to us also. Julie and her little guy loved the bear as well! So it ended up being an absolutely perfect mother's day present for Steve's sister!

I would highly recommend getting a personalized teddy bear from Teddy Bears Personalized to anyone! They are perfect for kids and adults of all ages. No matter the occasion, who ever you want to get these bears for will love them! And because you can embroider a message on the teddy bear's outfit, they instantly turn into keepsakes! The price is great too! Our bear only cost $32.99 including shipping & handling. It was totally worth every penny!

Now for the really fun stuff! I happen to know the owner of Teddy Bears Personalized and asked him if he wanted to sponsor a give away on my blog when I did this review. (He didn't know we were going to buy the teddy bear until the order went through... which was a nice little surprise for him!) After seeing how fantastic the bears are, I knew I was going to do a review of them on my blog! And what better way to get MORE people wanting to buy these great bears, than to have a giveaway!!! So here are the giveaway details!

Win a Design A Bear from Teddy Bears Personalized, Just like this one (pictured above).

What: Winner will receive their choice of a Design A Bear, with ability to choose color of bear, jumper and personalized message that is embroidered onto clothes. Retail value of $29.99 inc. s/h.

When: From now (Wed. May 12, 2010) until May 19, 2010 at 9pm PST - winner will be chosen by using's random number integer and then announced here on this blog on May 20th.

Where: Right here at my blog (leave a comment for each action you take at Wyndsong Writes, not below!)

Who: Anyone in the US or Canada

How: Main entry, which MUST be done to be entered into the contest, Visit Teddy Bear Personalized website, and tell me which one of the bears is your favorite in a comment at my website, Wyndsong Writes (do not comment below this post!!!).

Extra Entries:

Disclaimer: I did not receive any paid compensation or product for this review. I paid full price for the Teddy Bear pictured and talked about in this review. All opinions are 100% my own. I do know the owner of this business, but that had no bearing (pun intended) on this review at all!

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