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Now that November is officially here I thought it would be the perfect time to show you all how I whiten my teeth at home for pennies!!! 


On Halloween I did my makeup Old Hollywood Glam with cat ears. When I looked back at the pictures I noticed my teeth were looking very dingy. They were down right yellow. Yuck.


 I think switching to tea has played a huge part in my noticeably stained smile. Thank goodness I have a whitening system that works for me.  It is painless, fast and affordable. 


This is the very first video I ever made. I filmed it at the beginning of the year and was a bit nervous. So be kind. I tell you everything and then some about how I get my teeth white. I hope you enjoy.


Here are the products I use in the video. You can click on them for more information or to purchase them.  I bought everything off of Amazon. If you liked the video please subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the thumbs up!! XOXO

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