Terrific Tuesday - Elections Past and Present - Go Vote

Terrific Tuesday - it is terrific to live in a nation where you can pick the leader.

Each Terrific Tuesday throughout the month of November, will be dedicated to election coverage past and present.  I am one of those ultra left wing liberal people. In my mind, Barack Obama is too far to the left. Everyone who knows that is not surprised that I am voting to re-elect President Barack Obama in this election. I am not going to write about that. I am writing to encourage everyone to vote. Believe it or not, there are people you know and respect that are not planning to vote in this election. It is my sincere hope, that you share this article with people not planning to vote in order to change their minds.
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Future Terrific Tuesdays in November will look at the results of today's election, review the Al Gore/George Bush election and loot back at John Kerry's political rally in Philadelphia when he was running for election. But, for now, back to why you should vote. People often say the United States is a democray, it isn't. The United States is a democratic republic. This means that we do not  directly on the issues, laws, etc., instead, we vote for the people who do the actual voting on the issues, laws, etcetera. For example, we vote for Congress people and Senators who go to Washington, DC  and vote on things on our behalf. The rest of this article is dedicated to those who are planning not to vote, watch out though, it may get a little bumpy here.
Why you should vote:
1.     It is election day, today is the day for action. You need to move today. this is not something that can wait.
2.     The people running for election get the power to make major and important decisions about your life. You should pick them wisely, not leave your life to chance. You should want to pick people who share your views as much a possible.
3.      Voting is a privilege that people around the world wish they had the opportunity to exercise, a privilege that people in this country died to receive and others died to maintain. You should have an attitude of gratitude and show it by voting.
4.      People who don't vote, should have not voice in discussions about what our elected officials do. After all if you cared so much, you should have found a way to the polls.
5.     List your own reason here, even if you are making up excuses for why you can't go, you do know at least one reason why you should get out and vote.
It is a privilege and honor to be able to vote, to select who will make the decisions regarding your life. Voting is also a responsibility. Grown ups show up and handle their responsibilities. So the question for you this Terrific Tuesday are you going out to vote?

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