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We’ve had quite the week and start to November.  On Monday, while putting some Christmas gifts in storage for hiding, I noticed that our water heater looked like there was a big bubble on the side of it.  Brian knew that didn’t sound right and called ‘Mr. Waterheater’.  Wouldn’t you know, this was an EMERGENCY and they informed us to turn off the water in fear that it would burst and they sent someone to our home immediately.  Brian told me, no playing in the basement (which is our toy-room).  When they came and gave us the news that we needed a new water heater and some other $200 thing that hangs from the ceiling (let’s not get technical; this isn’t my field), we swallowed it.  We had to.  What could we do?  Even though Christmas is right around the corner, this was a necessity and we move forward with the install.

Later in the week, while I was cleaning, I noticed there a cold draft coming in.  My first thought was, ‘Oh my… winter is near, this can’t be good.’  Turns out that it’s our front door and the wood is rotting causing cold air to come in.  The whole door needs to be replaced… door, frame, sidelights- its all rotted and/or rotting and a repair won’t do.  It all needs to be replaced.  Obviously we need a door and can’t have cold air coming in the home in November, let alone in the coming months when it will only get colder outside.  SO, thousands of dollars later; our new entry door was ordered and will be installed mid-November.  *Deep Breath*  Our bank account is slowly draining 1 month before Christmas.

Its November 1st, and I found something simple to be thankful for.  Sometimes that all we can do; look for something simple to put a smile on our face.  I’m thankful my kids were learning at a great pre-school giving me a little breather and I’m thankful that they took a long nap giving me even more time to get things done.  That evening, I dimmed the lights, cooked a delicious meal; the boys were well dressed since it was picture day at school and just as I smile realizing that hubby will be pulling in any minute…


(That word isn’t big enough… make it big and loud with your eyes and in your head.)

Rocco said, “What on earth was that?”  I knew it came from below us and ran to the basement.  I opened the door to find that Brian pulled his brand new car into the garage with his bike on top of it.  Obviously a bike on top of a car doesn’t fit into a standard garage.  I was silent; didn’t even know what to say.  The top of his car was dented from the rack and the rack bent down into the back windshield shattering the entire window.  Glass everywhere… everywhere.  My first thought, “Couldn’t it just be a little dent and a few scratches that we could put this off until we save a little money?  We just installed a new water heater and ordered a new front door!  And last I checked, its not like you can drive to work each day without a back windshield.  Now this.

Its November 2nd now.  Brian worked from home and dealt with his car while I took the kids to the grocery store.  I drove through Starbucks and noticed the holiday sign featuring their Skinny Peppermint Mocha.  Thank You, Starbucks.  I’ll take a tall!  I pulled away with my little boys in the back seat, drove up the hill to Giant Eagle (our local grocery store), turned into a lane to find a parking spot when…


Someone. Backed. Into. My. Car.  *Let’s just pause for a moment of silence.*  I seriously didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry at this point.  My Peppermint Mocha was splashed onto the dash of my car and I had to get out to face the creep that just rammed into the back of my car.  I put the car in park and got out.  All I could do was tilt my head and out came this little Chinese man from a car that had a large ‘Baby on Board’ sign on the back window.  (that was comical in and of itself)  Before I let him even explain himself; I turned my back to him and called Brian.  At this point, I was just too tired to even yell at him or ask him what on earth he was doing backing out of a parking spot at full speed or ask if he forget the left/right motion of his head that one should do before backing out.  I mean because if he did that, he would have seen the stream of cars coming down the lane.  There were at least 3 other cars behind me.

So… its easy in times like these to throw your hand up, look up to the clouds and say, “What’s next, God? WHAT?”  Is there a black cloud above my head?  Brian’s head?  My family’s head?  The rotten/broken front entry door that needed to be replaced to stay warm, the bubble in the water heater that needed an emergency replacement, the shattered windshield that needs to be replaced and now my dented/scratched car.  What will the 3rd of Nov. bring?  Its late now and I’ve reflected.  I’m thankful for November’s Cloud.  It covered us well.  Obviously, its not God – I didn’t really mean to question Him… really.  I’m sure we’ve all gone through times in our lives when it feels like just when we get ‘ahead’ or comfortable, life throws us a curve ball.  Or 4.  Honestly, the only way I know how to handle all of this in one week is to find what I can be thankful for.

I’m thankful that we have the money to install a new front door to keep a draft from coming in all winter long.

I’m thankful that we caught the water heater ‘emergency’ in time and can pay for that too.  I am thankful that we didn’t have a major accident right off of our kids play-room where a water heater could have exploded at any moment spraying hot water everywhere.

I’m thankful that no one was in the back-seat of Brian’s car when the entire windshield shattered causing glass to fill up his backseat.

I’m thankful that the guy who backed up into my car hit my trunk instead of Rocco’s door.  I’m also thankful he hit my car rather than a person walking through the parking lot to buy groceries.

Sometimes we just need to be thankful for the cloud above our head, right?


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