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The Best Baby Monitors have come from a variety of baby monitor companies over the years including household names and those not so well known.



Though many of you reading this may have remembered growing up with a Graco Monitor in your home, as they offered some of the first audio baby monitors to hit the market over 2 decades ago.  Since then and still today, they've become a household name offering a two-way baby monitoring device along with their newer video monitor features designed into a portable lightweight monitoring system.


Yet, they were a bit late in adding video monitor features to their baby monitor line-up.  For when the technology was available, it was Summer Infant Monitor who launched a series of infant video monitor portable and stationary devices which parents seemed to fall in love with. 


Now parents and guardians had a way to obtain visual confirmation as to the well being of their baby.  And thus, during this period, it was the Summer Infant Video Monitor which stole the lime-light from most other baby monitor manufactures in offering what many parents claimed to be some of the best baby monitors.


In fact it was the Summer Infant 02100 series which seemed to get much of the attention and held claim to the best baby monitors when it came to parents choosing a monitoring device for their babies.  This monitor provided a clear video signal from a good amount of distance, even from outside in your yard you could obtain a clear uninterrupted signal of your baby sleeping.


During this period in which many companies sought after a new video infant monitor to offer to their customers, it was Angelcare Monitor which held it's ground and stayed focused on testing and perfecting their Angelcare Movement Monitor in hopes to someday offer some of the Best Baby Monitors on the market.


They believed and still do that the most important infant monitor one could have for their baby would monitor a baby's breathing or movements to help protect them from sids, or sudden infant death syndrome.  Angelcare has developed a movement sensor pad which you just place under your baby's mattress which in turn connects to a nursery monitor unit which in turn will send a signal to the parent unit.


The parent unit has a range of up to 820 feet with extreme clarity and sharpness of audio signals.  During this period, with the video monitor hype previously discussed, Angelcare was saving baby's lives, helping parents monitor their baby's every breath and thus helping parents sleeping better at night too.


Though there are two other manufactures who have developed a baby breathing monitor to date along with Angelcare Monitor.  Both Babysense and Snuza offer sids monitors similar to Angelcare, though if you were to research the baby breathing monitor review sites, you'll soon see that Angelcare Monitor continually receives the highest marks. 


And thus, over the past few years, when it comes to breathing or sids monitor devices, it has been Angelcare that has been able to claim the best baby monitors.


But what has just recently really stirred up the pot is that Angelcare Monitor has just released their very own Angelcare video monitor.  The new Angelcare Monitor AC1100 has recently just become available and available for online ordering.


The AC1100 offers consumers a 2.75" lcd touch-screen display with a reception range of over 800 feet, and it features night-vision capabilities too.  Keeping with Angelcare's moto of having a true desire to help save baby's lives, the AC1100 is only available combined with the Angelcare Movement Monitor. 


Thus, a bundled package from which Angelcare is the only manufacture in the world to offer a 3 in 1 baby monitoring system that covers all three types of monitoring your baby, and thus being touted as the best baby monitors to choose from in today's market.


From sound, movement sensor pads, and now to include a video monitor, this will soon be common knowledge that the Angelcare AC1100 is without a doubt the best baby monitors to choose from in today's competitive market.


Overall, the Best Baby Monitors have evolved into a very special baby monitor today, but for those who are able to get their hands on the Angelcare Monitor AC1100 they will be glad they waited.

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