Let’s face it: maxi dresses and skirts are seriously all the rage this summer; and you won’t want to be caught dead without one. There are literally hundreds of maxi dresses for women, all with unique styles from subtle to wild and everything in between. However, just by wearing a maxi dress or skirt doesn’t automatically mean you’re suddenly hip and stylish. You have to know which pair of shoes is best for summer maxis. Don’t know? Don’t fret! This list of best shoes for summer maxis will ensure you are fashion forward and sexy all summer long.


 1.  Flat Sandals

            You guessed it! Sandals are definitely the number one pick to pair up with your summer maxis. Sandals are another summer statement, and paired up with a cute maxi, there’s no doubt you won’t look like a summer fashionista.

            It’s really easy to find a pair of sandals that pair up with your favorite maxi dress or skirt, as just about any combination will function properly. However, if you really want to pair your outfit with your shoes magnificently, there’s one simple instruction you need to follow: compliment, don’t compete- contrast is preferred. For example, if you have a subtle maxi skirt, then pair it up with sandals with a bit more spunk and wildness. On the other hand, a maxi dress that is vibrant and flashy does not need a pair of shoes trying to ‘outdo’ the dress. Find a pair of more subtle and sophisticated sandals to match the funky attire.

 2.  Wedge Sandals

            Wedge sandals are another crowd favorite during the summertime; and yup, you’ve guessed it again! They work wonders with your favorite maxi dress or skirt. The height of the wedge makes a beautiful accent to the long and luxurious length of summer maxis. Just make sure you follow the same instructions as flat sandals and you will put together a killer outfit all the ladies will be jealous of.

  3.  High Heels

            High heels work beautifully with maxis; however, it is important to note which high heels will function properly with your maxi dress or skirt. It is best to completely stay away from the high heels you wear to work. These professional, business like high heels simply don’t connect with the flow of maxis, and therefore s best to stay away altogether. However, if you’re a heel lover you can try out one of these cute styles: open toed high heels, stilettos, and strappy heels. You can buy all these cute styles at Shoebacca, famous footwear, asos ..etc, even when you’re on a budget thanks to shoebacca coupon ( Promocode4share.com/stores/shoebacca/ ).
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