The Charm Of Copper Drinkware And Why Should You Get Them

Do you want to be edgy or even modern? There are a lot of drinkware nowadays that are designed to look sleek, modern, and even minimalist. However, there is also drinkware that celebrates the golden age, yes it’s definitely copper.


Not everyone is enticed with the idea of the future and what is new, sometimes, people appreciate what is old and what was great back then. The golden ages have shown women in the kitchen holing copper mugs and they look absolutely iconic.


There is nothing wrong when you prefer this kind of drinkware, to each his own as they say. However, you would be glad to now that there are plenty of places where you can find the Copper drinkware that you are looking for. From thrift shops to novelty shops, regular shops, and even online, you have full-blown choices on where to buy a set.


Is Copper For Your Glasses And Mugs Safe?


This is a normal question especially when you are serious about getting the copper glasses and mugs that you want to use every day. Despite having the name copper, they actually have no risks to the health. The body itself has copper and it is one of the important components that some enzymes use in order to keep functioning in the body. Many people from before have stored their water using copper containers and still lived to tell the tale.


In all honesty, copper actually increases the taste as well as the aroma of what you are drinking. You can also use copper mugs and glasses if you want to keep your drink cold for a long amount of time.


How You Can Clean Your Copper Glasses


1. Rinse the copper mug using warm and water with soap

2. Dry the mug immediately after washing it

3. In order for the mugs to last long, clean them at least 30 seconds after using them

4. When it has tarnish and you want to use it again, use salt and lemon juice, then using a toothbrush, you can scrub the tarnish away


Buying Your Very Own Copper Mugs

 Sometimes, it can be a challenge to find the copper mugs that you like. You can’t even find them in your local stores, or shops near you. They are not that hard to find, however, you should also be aware of which shops usually sell them. Try to look online for shops that sell copper related utensils so that you have an idea about their price range and can compare them later on.

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