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Okay, so since I've been home the last couple weeks due to my layoff at work, I've been watching (or rather, listening while blogging) to more T.V. than usual. My television watching usually consists of American Idol (a MUST watch for me), Law and Order SVU and CI, In Plain Sight, Leverage, and Dark Blue. I love the crime shows, can you tell? LOL

Well, I just finished watching the show, The Doctors, for the first time, which for those of you that have a variety of health issues or are border-line hypochondriacs like me, this is a pretty cool show! So, there were quite a few interesting topics today regarding cosmetic surgery, weight loss and such.

I was particularly interested in the Gastric Balloon Surgery! I TOTALLY want this surgery!! Basically, it is a non-surgical procedure in which they place a balloon in your stomach. Once the balloon is in, they fill it with a sterile fluid (it is non-toxic) tinted with blue dye. This gives the person a feeling of fullness, so you don't eat nearly as much. At this point in time, they do not leave the balloon in for longer than 6 months. What's the blue dye for, you ask? They say it's never happened yet, but the blue dye will give you a "warning" that your balloon has burst by giving a blue tint to your pee or poop (can you tell I'm a mommy? LOL). If this SHOULD happen, they simply remove the balloon, and insert a fresh one!

Unfortunately, this procedure is only available in Canada and some parts of Asia and Europe at this time (sigh). Not that I could afford it anyway...I'm guessing IF it's ever available in the U.S., it will cost a small fortune just to have this water-filled balloon placed in your belly!

Okay, so you already know that I would LOVE to have this done! Now I want to know what you think about it and if you would have it done yourself?

They also showed two rather STRANGE contraptions that in my opinion simply shame you into losing weight, and the other, into AHEM.....performing well and often! (tee hee) Check them out for yourself and give me your opinion on these newfangled products!

** Step on the new "Withings" Internet Connected Body Scale and your weight will be broadcast to EVERYONE on Twitter! That's right folks, you will now be accountable to all of your followers for your late-night snacking, binges, and food sneaking. Hmm.....

** If you don't have time to count calories or exercise.....why not try the new Bedometer from I-Tunes! can now "measure" your bedroom antics with this little .99 cent device, and drop weight at the same time!! And for those of you that can't find a partner or are more into the kinky stuff....this product comes in "single-user" and "multi-user" modes too!! Jeepers....what will they think of next?!

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