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The facts about the Popular Diets- Secrets To Weight Loss

The most common and popular diets which are followed by many people for weight loss. Are they really helpful to contribute to a healthy and fit body.

The Montignac diet

What is it?

It's a dissociated diet. This means that followers should ensure that they associate with their good food supplements with each meal. That is to say, for example, must be avoided at all costs to eat fat along with carbohydrate. So we forget the ham and cheese sandwiches, quiche Lorraine, spaghetti bolognese, lasagne and nuts, and several other food combinations.

The Montignac diet also recommends abandoning all refined sugars and carbohydrates that have a strong effect on blood sugar levels. This avoids the white pasta, white rice, potatoes and refined grains. Fructose is tolerated, as are whole grains, a few times a week. As for fats, vegetable fats are preferred over those of animal origin.

Once the ideal weight is reached, we propose a maintenance regime that is less restrictive than the regime focused on weight loss. This maintenance regime, which excludes all high glycemic foods, must be followed for life.

For or against?

The  diet is relatively easy to adopt, provided we know the fingertips food composition. It is tailored for business people who often eat out. It is effective and it was noted that his followers were less likely to regain lost weight than people of other popular diets, since this system relies on a real change in eating habits.

Those who follow him do not suffer from hunger because there is no calorie limits and the plan is very focused on the absorption of fiber and protein, which have an appetite suppressant. Very popular with the male, it has certain risks. Often too high in fat, it can cause problems with blood cholesterol. Since this system relies on a decrease in carbohydrate intake, may cause fatigue and weakness. Finally, the famous principle of the separation is somewhat lacking in scientific support.

Conclusion ...

The Montignac diet is not inherently bad, but it must be followed intelligently to be effective and not harmful to health.

Similar plans:

The GI Diet - The Diet Anthony

The truth about diets ...

Although some of these plans miracles may seem attractive well, it should be remembered that the plans are generally not the ideal solution to your weight problems. The dieting, in particular, you will certainly lose pounds quickly if you follow them carefully, but you're likely to regain any lost weight very quickly, as soon as you resume normal eating habits. Often, some time after a diet, you end up with even a few pounds heavier than before!

So that your figure is improving in a sustainable manner, we must rely on precisely the changes in your lifestyle that are sustainable, too. Diets are temporary and their effects are just as important. Rather than choosing to starve yourself or do you eat that soup or fruit for a few weeks, determine what changes you could make to your diet and you would be beneficial.

Do not change too many things at once, or you could crack quickly. Cut the bad habits one at a time and start practicing the sport gradually, it will be easier to maintain your assets. And certainly you do not like snow melt in the sun, but the weight you've lost after some time will be much more likely not to return.

Some tips for surprising results in weight loss

Here are a few ideas of simple things you can do and which in the long term, may give surprising results:

- Replace the cream with milk in your coffee.
- Do not skip over breakfast, you will be less prone to cravings.
- Replace the biscuit or cookie your meal with a fruit and yogurt, more supportive and less rich.
- Cut in half the sugar in your recipes for muffins.
- Exit the subway station and walk to the preceding rest of the way to the office.
- Make sure your plate is always full of vegetables and 50%, and it also contains a good source of protein and a starch-wide.
- Play a walk after lunch or dinner.
- When the clerk will ask for Cinema: "With butter? "The answer is no. Make also missing the soft drink giant. You would not be forced to go to the bathroom in the middle of the film, anyway?
- Drink a glass of water before meals. Often, it is believed to be hungry so we just thirsty. This habit will help you better recognize the signals of satiety when they arrive.
- Eat slowly and avoid eating in front of the television.
- Take the stairs instead of elevators to get to your office. Similarly, sulk escalators subway or shopping mall.
- When eating out with your lover, offer to share a dessert rather than order two. It is best to line ... and so romantic!

You will probably find in your own lifestyle, some modifications of this kind that can be accomplished easily, without you suffering from deprivation.

He is not eating 450 calories a day and train 20 hours per week! It is better to change some habits lasting negative. And above all, allow you to cheat on the occasion! Your chances of success in weight loss in the long term will find increased.

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She  is a Doctor, Holds MBBS degree from  JIPMER. A health care enthusiast and a keen writer, She blogs everything about Health Care at

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