The 'For Adult Only' Easter Basket

Who says that Easter baskets have to be just for kids! Last week I wrote about your child’s Easter basket being for more than just Chocolate. We think that the adults should have a little something-something too. For the them, the Easter basket is all about delicacies. Be prepared to be indulged!

Boozy BunniesTruffleTruffle created the perfect complement to the Easter basket for adults. These Easter sweets are inspired from some classic libations such as Mudslide, Pina Colada, Rum Punch and, my personal favorite, Mint Julep. Thank you Easter Bunny! Buy them here.
Firecracker Chocolates – Remember as kids we used to love Pop Rocks. Well, CHUAO Chocolatier has combined these nostalgic candies with dark chocolate and the chipotle spice. What you get is an explosion (literally) of opposing tastes of the heat of the spices and the smoothness of the chocolate. Buy them directly from CHUAO Chocolatier.
The Easter Bunny – An Easter basket would not be complete without an Easter Bunny. These Floppy Eared Bunnies from Anna Shea Chocolates (are they the cutest things or what!) are hand painted on either Milk or Dark Chocolate. Buy them directly from Anna Shea and while you are there, check out the rest of their Easter collection (love the Robin’s Eggs).
WineTime Chocolate Bar – We have all heard the health benefits to a glass of red wine. Now you can get all that goodness in an anti-oxidant rich, high fiber bar that contains Resveratrol, the healthy ingredient found in grapes. They are available at Whole Foods or directly from Resvez.



California Caviar - How decadent would it be to top your Easter morning breakfast eggs off with California White Sturgeon Caviar. The one ounce jar of caviar comes with four white porcelain eggcups and four mother-of-pearl spoons. Buy it here. And here is a great gift set of potato latkes and kosher salmon roe caviar, perfect for Passover. Worried about where your caviar comes from? Rest assured this San Francisco based company uses only sustainable resources for their products.
Condiments in Reusable Drinking GlassesBraswell has a unique selection of mustards and relishes that come in beautiful reusable European styled drinking glasses. Their Champagne Dill, Chipotle or Horseradish mustard and their Pepper or Vidalia Onion Relishes would be great complements to your Easter Brunch. Buy them here.
Dean Jacob’s Cappuccino Cupcakes – Save room for these! End (or start) your brunch with these delectable Cappuccino Cupcakes with a Latte Frosting. Buy them here.
Retro Candy Gift Box – If you feel like reliving the past here is your chance. Whether you were born in the 40′s and up to the 90′s Candy Crate has a gift box to relive your childhood through your sweet tooth. Buy it on Amazon.
Black Truffle Popcorn Kit – Indulge in this very sophisticated popcorn drizzled with black truffle oil and sprinkled with truffle-infused sea salt. Insert this in any adults Easter basket for future use on a late night movie date! Buy from 479popcorn .com.

Oh, and don’t these all make PERFECT hostess gifts too? Happy Easter!

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