Did you ever go to an amusement park called King's Island and ride The Racer roller coaster? No? Well, it is a roller coaster with two coasters that start at the same time and go side by side in the beginning and then split off. They travel the same pattern and distance only parallel to each other. One banks right, the other banks left but they end up side by side again with one coming in a little faster. The first time you ride The Racer it is exhilarating but as soon as you get off you run to the other side and hop on to see if it is better.  The second ride is just as fun but always a tiny bit less enjoyable since there is no way to recapture the first time thrill. Well, that is what The Hangover Part II was for me. It was a fun ride with a myriad of funny scenarios but it fell short of being as awesome as the first.

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