I am finishing up "I'm Too Sexy for My Volvo" by Betty Londergan and I came to an interesting section entitled "Know the Limits of Man." It describes the phenomenom that the author labels "chore interruptus," the syndrome where husbands end up finishing half a chore, i.e. unpacking travel suticases but not actually putting them away, washing dishing but not drying them/putting them away, taking clothes out of the dryer but nary folding a one piece of clothing, etc...

It had me thinking--does my hubby fall into the same category? I didn' t have to think but for 1.2 seconds before my brain responded with a resounding "yes!"

I'm a stay at home mom who works full-time--sounds like an oxymoron, right? But bieng an entreprenuer and gaving 3 children under 5 at home makes me a totally full time mom. Although my four year old is in pre-school and baby #4 is in utero, it is still a challenge to get the business tasks, household tasks, mommy tasks, and wifey tasks all completed in a 24 hour period--there just isn't enough time in the day. I used to do 98% of the household tasks--minus my son's chores and my hubby's grass cutting---until I had to create a chore chart. Everyone in the household had to do something...even the 2 year old can put away some toys...

It hasn't made life super easy, but it has helped. Maybe I shouldn't complain--I know some wives who are distraught silently (and sometimes very loudly) that their better halves don't lift as much as a pinky finger to do a thing. It's more like they are giving them the middle finger to help with the housework....if only they could use that finger to pick up some toys and fold some towels, it could create world peace....or just a lil' more peace in the home. Anyway you put it, some hubby housework is better than none, but they have to feel like it is a game, i.e. there is a reward attached! I'm all for bribing my mate to clean, cook, vacuum, fold, etc. It's not like I wouldn't do the tricks and treats eventually, but if they think it's a special prize--that makes it all the better...and easier....

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