Cheap Ways to Add Extra Living Space to Your Home

If you listen to the news, we are no longer in a recession. However, the average family still isn’t able to buy a larger house as their families expand. It could be that we have gone into debt during those dry years and it could also be that the cost of living has increased beyond the limits…

The top factors of debt consolidation by using personal loans

One of the top reasons for which people take out personal loans is to help consolidate their credit card debt. It’s a risky approach because if you don’t do it the right way, you risk getting buried under even more debt. However, doing it right can get you out of a pickle. When considering…




If we were to survey the working mom community by asking, "What is the single most important thing you grab when heading out the door?" the vast majority of you would say (children aside) "My Blackberry or iPhone." Today there is another gadget to hit the market that may just change the way you answer this question with Apple's newest release, the iPad. With its larger than life multi-touch screen, it simply looks like a beefed up version of the iPhone... minus the phone capability. So, what's all the fuss about:

1. Large touch screen enables you to better view and surf the web
2. Split screen view and large touch keyboard for sending/receiving email
3. Ability to shuffle through your photos and albums with ease
4. Watch movies (we recommend the Mom Mentor videos at Butterfly) or YouTube in HD
5. Fun apps like iTunes, iBooks, iPod, Maps, Calendar, iWork, Notes

Apple uses verbiage like "compelling... in just a few taps" and "see more... find more" in their online marketing materials. What MORE do we possibly need?! As working moms, we're all for new technology IF it makes our lives easier and allows us to multi-task like superheroes. But, trying to persuade us to buy another toy for nearly $500 for the summed up benefit of being able to TOUCH a larger screen is not a key selling point for two moms spear-heading a global community of working moms. Don't get us wrong, we love Apple, in fact, the Weekly Wings are drafted on a MacBook. A MacBook that has many of the SAME functions as the iPad without having to dirty up the screen with fingerprints, from us or from our kids. So, the verdict stands... we applaud Apple for generating yet another toy that our children or significant others can add to the their birthday lists. But, in all honesty, we will take a pass on this one and save ourselves 499 bucks!

Now with all of the money we've just saved you we have a better option: Spend it to truly make a difference in the lives of children and in the environment in which they live. On April 1st went live as the host of an auction whereas the highest bidder will WIN a one-of-a-kind experience with Hollywood's "green couple" and the stars of Planet's Greens, Living with Ed, Ed Begley Jr. and wife Rachelle. You and a guest have the opportunity to receive domestic roundtrip airfare to LA, stay in a luxury hotel, dine with the Begley's and enjoy a gift from MY ECO shopping bag system. Proceeds raised benefit Green Wish and VH1 Save The Music Foundation rather than an iPad which has no major affect on the way in which we lead our lives. We can wholeheartedly say that this will be money well spent. Please bid today.

Bradi and Terry
Mothers, Wives and Workers
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