The Joys Of The Little Things And Nothing At All

Today my apartment is a hot mess.  There are cheerios on the floor, batteries overtaking the table, half drank  beverages on any and all hard surfaces, fingerprints and smudges on the glass, enough toys and empty boxes to make my normally somewhat together son beside himself with over stimulation, and an odd amount of clothing strewn about.  And I don't give a fudgesicle. 

Today I'm watching my lovely goofball giggle and scream with excitement whilst running amuck in his pjs, I'm watching C enjoy his day off by snoozing on the couch and Xboxing it up, and I'm drinking insane amounts of coffee thanks to my new lover the Keurig and browsing the wild and wonderful web.  It's my reward for surviving the past month of Christmas shopping, present brainstorming, completing crappy wrapping jobs, cooking non stop and baking more than I ever thought necessary, and of course spending quality time with exhausting, drama filled family that I can only handle in spurts.  Yes, I feel a day of doing absolutely nothing is much deserved all around.  Now if only I could convince my mother in law to do the same...If you've never opened your home to your OCD mother in law you will never understand the pain of trying to take it easy while SOMEBODY is scrubbing down the walls and moving furniture around. 

But I'm zen today...zen...Is it socially acceptable to drink during the middle of the day after Christmas?  That's practically a holiday right??  I wish...

Anyway for those of you who don't know that I'm baby obsessed right, I'm baby obsessed right now.  I'm convinced that the window of giving Conor a sibling close in age is rapidly closing on me and I'm also feeling that "my baby isn't a baby anymore" sadness.  So on that note C's 8 year old nephew informed us the other day that we should "get on that."  He then explained to us the inner workings of creating life.  Apparently all we have to do to make a baby that is half me and half C is to kiss and have C give me his "I think it's called Germ" which would then travel down to my belly and do its thing.  He then motioned his hands for us to get busy and start kissing.

Kids have a way of making everything seem so simple and non nerve wracking.  I have to remember that we have plenty of time to do that baby making thing.  I also have to remind myself about the many perks of not being pregnant/having a newborn right now such as the top ten I've compiled here-

1.  Alcohol

2.  Sleeping through the night

3.  Being able to distract Conor with a movie or toys so I can nap/sleep in

4.  Being able to cook or clean without 15 pounds of cuteness attached to me, slowly breaking my back

5. Alcohol

6.  Having a sex life

7.  Finding a babysitter for one child that is a toddler is much easier and childcare is half as expensive

8.  The fear of having another colicky baby is not confirmed

9.  Not obsessing over and researching 24/7 the statistics surrounding SIDS, all the opinions on when and what to feed your baby, how much or how little he/she is sleeping, whether they're taking to long to roll over or if they're hiccuping an appropriate amount in one day, etc.

10.  ...Glass of wine anyone?

Did I mention my epiphany on how blessed I really am is now causing me to try my best to always focus on the positives?  Well it is and I'm finding it quite exhilarating.  I might make it into some exciting New Year's Resolution, perhaps keep a Positivity journal or some enriching shit like that?  I could be one of those people.  Maybe I'll even write inspirational tidbits on post its and adorn my house with it.

Or not.  Maybe I'll just keep you all updated with how zen I've felt lately. 

P.S.  I finally asked my mother in law to, for the love god, please be a bum like the rest of us for today.  Ahh laziness has filled our house today and it is beautiful.

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