Tonight, Raul took me to see "The King's Speech.'
Aside from the amazing cinematography, original score, screenplay
& brilliant acting, this movie spoke to me at the deepest part of
the need to know to never quit. As I drove home from the movie, I looked up & thought of how God created us so HE could do great things through us
Don't we want to finish well with that? I don't want an incomplete
story of my life. I want ALL the chapters to be successfully &
completely written. I want to get to Heaven & run to God to hear Him
say what He has ALWAYS desired to say & what I was born to hear,
"Child? Well done!"
Folks, that is why we don't quit. If
you are struggling with something that has pained you at your core
because you WANT to do it but you DOUBT you can, see this movie. But
don't use this movie to be your
answer. Use it to be your inspiration to seek GOD for answers! GOD has
the answers to the questions haunting you to quit...
I hope this encourages someone today.

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