How To Help A Friend Who Is an Addict

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How to Build Easy Healthy Living Habits

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Every night we put Laila to bed, Tyson and I have a few hours together. We cherish those moments. We love being able to talk and spend time with one another, just the two of us. Of course our favorite thing to do is watch The Bachelor. :) BUT sometimes we miss Laila. Well, I  think we ALWAYS miss her, but sometimes we miss her a lot.

The other night was one of those nights. I missed her! Tyson fell asleep on the couch watching a show next to me, while I was working on the computer. I decided to put the computer down for a minute, stepped quietly up the stairs, opened Laila’s door and peeked at her in her crib. I just watched her for a minute. She was so peaceful! She was snoring a little bit and her bum was in the air. It was one of the cutest sights I have seen. I kissed her little cheek and slowly left the room.

I must have woken her up a little because about thirty minutes later she started crying for me and I went into her room. She was scared or in pain…not sure which, but it was a sad cry. So I took her out of her crib and rocked her and held her tight until she fell back asleep. I was kind of happy that she woke up as crazy as it sounds. I really needed those cuddles and I think she needed them too.

“The love of a true mother comes nearer to being like the love of God than any other kind of love.” – Joseph F. Smith

The Love of Mother

I have actually thought about this quote a lot and know that it is true. I often think that the love I have for Laila is the same love that Heavenly Father has for me {and all of us}. I think that he misses us sometimes, just as I was missing Laila. He wants to be a part of our lives and He wants to come inside our rooms to give us a big hug. Just as Laila cried for me, we are able to cry to Him. When I hear Laila call for me, I find out what she needs and help her as much as I can to make her feel better. I know that Heavenly Father is the same way. When He hears us call for him, He knows what we need and answers our prayers in accordance to what is best for us.

Sometimes I just squeeze Laila so tight! I just love her and I appreciate her so much in my life. Through hard times in friends and families lives this past year, I have learned to never take a minute for granted. Sometimes I give her hugs and kisses and she makes this face at me like I am a crazy lady! But I know one day she will appreciate them! ;) I feel like Heavenly Father gives big hugs like these. Hugs that make you feel really loved.


I hope I can live my life the way Heavenly Father wants me to. I want to be the kind of parent for Laila that He is for me. He loves me unconditionally, holds me when I need comfort and blesses me every day. I hope we always remember that He hears and answers our prayers and just as our babies cry for us, He is waiting for us to come until Him.

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