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The medical professions lack of ME/CFS knowledge

The Difficulties Involved With Dealing with the Medical Profession

and CFS / ME

Neurologist - A Total Waste of Time Read On
Some weeks back I was experiencing frequent dizzy spells and on some occasions blackouts. I went to my G.P. to report this deterioration in my condition and he suggested I go visit a Neurologist. Well the day arrived this week but what a waste of time it turned out to be, let me explain.
I arrived early having taken a taxi because I didn't feel up to driving, booked in at the reception desk and awaited my appointment. I was duely escorted to the neurologists door and I entered. I could tell almost immediately on entering that today I hadn't got an appointment with the Consultant Neurologist but one of his underlings. I have over the years, with various visits to hospitals both Private and NHS come across a number of underlings, some good and some poor, unfortunately on this day the underling in question was very poor.
A lot of research work is currently being done about our chronic illness and more is being discovered all the time but there is still a great deal of ignorance amongst certain members of the medical profession non more so than this particular neurologist and I use the word neurologist rather sarcastically. I found him rather insulting when he informed me that I shouln't sleep more than 7 hours a day because it's no good for me. Quite clearly he didn't understand that " chronic fatigue" means your'e tired a lot of the time, if it wasn't so sad you could laugh about it.
He even seemed incapable of checking my blood pressure correctly, fumbling about with the equipment and then informing me I had high blood pressure. I informed him that I had never previously suffered with high blood pressure and normally it's on the lower side of normal . So he tried again and if by some sort of miracle it was now just on the high side of normal.
I was then sent off to the ECG department to check my heartbeat, but on my way round to this department I started to feel unwell and on my arrival I was feeling dizzy and clamy. It was obvious to the nursing staff on duty I was feeling unwell so I was made to lie down to regain my composure before taking the ECG.
The technician on duty carrying out the ECG seemed knowlegable, he was aware of CFS/ME and some of it's associated symptoms. He asked me if I had had a tilt table test, " no I replied "and well that was the end of that, strange I thought, but one to look into in the future maybe.
I was sent back to the " neurologist " and told my results would be forwarded on to him. He told me that the ECG results where normal but then decided to send me for some blood tests and said the results would be sent to my G.P. in the near future. Also he said if my condition was to worsen then I should make a follow up appointment " no way I thought to myself "
So that's it, other than the ECG a total waste of time and precious energy, it goes to show what we are up against to try and get relevant treatment and diagnosis even in todays day and age. It's an uphill battle all the way, the problem being worse case sufferers of this chronic illness haven't got sufficient energy to fight any battles. Hopefully sites like this one will help spread the word and maybe just maybe things might begin to change.

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