It's 5 a.m oh jeez..yes a.m. and I am lying in bed being serenaded to the wake up cry of Madison. Maybe if I stop breathing she won't know I am awake and fall back asleep.....fat chance! Oh oh I hear silence. I curl back into the troughs of my comfortable, cozy body cave. Just as I am about to fall into the land of dreams, I hear it again... the concert has resumed, guess those 15 minutes were just an intermission, Madison resumes her concert and delivers her best performance yet. I come to the realization that sleep just isn't in the cards for me now or for the foreseeable future.

We make our way downstairs....its now 5:15. Groggy, eyes half open and a body that is just going with the flow, I venture to change the diaper of supergirl....the amazing wonder who doesn't need sleep, who tackles the world and everything around her one cry at a time. She looks at me with her spell-binding eyes and contagious smile and it all makes it worthwhile and I forget for that moment that its only 5:15...well almost!

The day has began. One child awake one child asleep.........two children awake let the games begin!
Ideas how to make my little one sleep longer in the morning:

  • Controlled singing: Will try to let her fuss a little longer in the morning. Past experience with this - not too good.
  • Purchase black out blinds: Not sure if this will make a difference, but worth a shot
  • Push bedtime later by 15 minutes for experimental purposes
  • Push naptime by 15 minutes for experimental purposes

I have come to the realization and acceptance that Madison might just be a really early riser. But I am still looking for ways to promote longer sleeps. If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it. For right now...wish me luck!


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Comment by Penny Roach on January 24, 2013 at 12:49pm

As they say, this too shall pass.  How many hours does Madison sleep in a row?  With my son Mason I had a routine I went through where we would turn down all the lights and turn off the TV and anything that he called "rumbly" (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.).  We talked in hushed tones and he helped me put all of his stuffed animals to bed.  Once we got this routine down, it became his cue that sleep was coming and I made sure that he was not overstimulated at night.  How old is Madison?  I had pretty good luck with setting up the routine and he was a pretty good sleeper for me.  Now that he's almost 14, he can SLEEP on the weekends (he has to be up at 5AM for basketball practice though).

My daughter just had her first child and they make all kinds of noise because she wants her daughter to "get used to it".  And do you know what?  2 months old and sleeps 7 consecutive hours a night.  Trial and error I guess is the best way to go.

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