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There was so much to be done today, lunch and conversation to be had with a close friend, children playing behind us, dishes to be done, laundry to be folded, banana bread to be baked, tent making, giggle inducing, kisses, oh so many kisses, dinner to be cooked, baby food to be made. And amidst it all, I caught these moments, gentle, subtle moments that may have almost escaped me, life changing, breath taking moments. Moments ridiculous to anyone else but me, for me they were my moments, etching into my history. Here are just a few:

Watching Manning as he laid on the floor, pushing off with the tips of his toes, and pulling at the floor ahead with the tips of his fingers, inching him slowly across our floor. He didn't know I was watching him as he almost sang the word "swim-ming, swim-ming." I was telling him he was having his lesson tomorrow, needless to say his excitement led him to practice his moves for the pool.
Watching Manning and his pal in giggles as they chased each other through the various entrances & exits of the 'linen & chairs' tent I made in the middle of our lounge room. Manning was even excited when I  squeezed my body in between the high chair legs to enter the tent, however I think he was a little confused as to why my agility did not seem to compare with his.
Singing to Beckett, only to have him roar in hysterics, his eyes squinting as the enormity of his smile took over all his features. He has this giggle that seems like it is rolling out, like waves, in sets, and when he doesn't get a break in between sets, he tends to let out an exhilarated squawk. Like I said this kid exudes happiness.
Getting a call from my husband while he was at work. It's not a rarity, more like a couple times a day occurrence but today I just savoured the happiness I heard in his voice. Being a 24/7 mum is hard work don't get me wrong, but the rewards are HUGE. At least in terms of getting the gold in those beautiful moments, so I am grateful that he works, and works, and works for our family to pave the way for our lives. Because I know, no matter how much he is ever paid, it will never be as good as what he has to leave behind every morning. 
Laying baby Becks on our lounge and bringing my face close into his, in between his laughter, I got wisps of his baby breath. It has to be one of my favourite scents in the world, it is so pure, so sweet, and for some reason it reminds me of strawberry shortcake. I love feeling my babies breathing.
Giving Beckett dinner tonight, only to have Manning come over and take the spoon off me, and will all the gentleness in the world, spooning the food into his brothers mouth. It is easy to take for granted how they watch you and pick up on the smallest parts of what you do. He made sure he never over-filled the spoon and when any of the apple would end on Beckett's chin, he would use the spoon to scoop it back into his mouth. After giving him almost half of his dinner, he relinquished the spoon to me and took the container I had been holding for him. He stood there, holding the food for me almost reverently.
Ok, indulge me with one last one. Being in the kitchen and hearing baby becoming restless in his swing, suddenly it went quiet. Althought quiet is what most parents crave, it is also what most parents use as a signal for trouble. I looked into the lounge room to see Manning standing behind the swing, watching the t.v while pushing his brother. The act was so natural, as though it was his filial duty to settle his brother without being asked. Watching your children show love to one another, in their childish purity is an inspiring thing.
It may seem of little importance to anyone else, but as I watch the small moments of my babies lives I feel as though I am watching life unfold before me in it's most perfect state. One day they will be adult men, and they won't run at me for cuddles anymore, or ask me for kisses when they get "ouwees", they won't call out Mummy or fret when I am gone. So for now, I want to savour those little moments, I want to never forget them and I want to always remember how I felt when I was a part of them.

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