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For most of high school I walked to school. Although we lived in a few different houses, the walk was only a few blocks long. I was pretty adamant about walking. Even when various boys would offer me rides home, I told them that I preferred to walk.

And that is what I did - walked - no matter the weather. So, of course I have a story about walking home from school one day in the pouring rain and not realizing the rain filled the drainage ditch near the road until I stepped directly into it and became soaked up to my rib cage.

I made it home only to find my Mom there, which was good because I needed a towel. I remember being surprised that she was home, because I hardly ever knew her work schedule.

My Mom worked long hours and fairly irregular hours. Days off were a rarity. So, when she did get a day off, I understood that she spent it doing all the things she needed to get done. I just never knew for sure when that day off was going to be.

My schedule now is fairly regular. My son can expect me to be around in the morning getting him ready and expect me home in time to make dinner. Yes, there are nights that I work late, but for the most part, my husband and I keep regular working hours.

Interestingly, there is increasing belief that parents with non-standard working schedules actually work in children's favor, as they can expect their parents to be around more often after school. But I have to question what non-standard working hours does for couples. My husband and I only have so much time in the day together as it is. I would hate to make that time even shorter.

I think that all parents who work do their best to make their schedules work with their children's lives. And that is all we can really do.

Do you feel your working schedule works with your family life? Tell me in the comments.

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