We have the sickies.  

This is where I will make a huge case for natural births.

To be sure, there are cases where c-sections are unavoidable - as in my case with Robi.  However, natural is always better.

I have heard that c-section babies are more susceptible to lung/bronchial problems: asthma, bronchitis, etc.  I have never found any medical articles to support that, but I can definitely say that this is very much the case in our home.  Despite exclusively nursing Robi for 12 months and so far exclusively nursing Andrej (and planning to nurse until he self-weans) my babies have had non-stop bronchial issues.  Robi had bronchitis for the first time at 4 1/2 months.  Andrej at 3 months.  Robi has since had it at least 4 times (he's only 2).  

Andrej is currently on an inhaler for his acute bronchitis diagnosis.

I struggled with chronic bronchitis and still must be careful that I don't get it because any cold I get can very easily turn into bronchitis.  And at some point in my life I even had pneumonia (this showed up on some chest x-rays I had done 3 years ago).  So, they also likely inherited some bronchial problems from me.

At any rate, I'd like to show you a great system that I was shown to help colds from turning into something worse (ear infection, bronchitis, pneumonia):

So you take a "squirter" and fill it with saline, then you take an electric aspirator or one like I have (which is awesome - I love it) and you squirt saline in one nostril while aspirating the other.  This is sort of a "netti pot" kind of idea for babies and toddlers.  It flushes the yuckies out really good!  We had been aspirating Andrej's nose for days and days but the first time we did this with Andrej he immediately felt much better.
We were told to do this 3-4 times a day.

But you see all that other junk up there (and the BabyHaler that cost us $35!)...yea, that's all thanks to the bronchitis that has hit our home with a vengeance.

Here's hoping my babies get well soon.

Thank you for sharing...

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