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I've been having a hard time lately with this whole growing up thing that my kids insist on doing.  It's like every time I turn around, they're gaining an inch on me, wanting to run around town with their friends, and begging for a cell phone.  Seriously, what is the rush already??!!  I, for one, am not entirely ready to let 'em completely spread their wings just yet.  Now I certainly don't want 'em to be living in my basement when they're thirty years old, but I do, however, want to keep them close for as long as I possibly can.

That's why when my son kept begging to have a sleepover with ME of all people last week, I was in no way gonna turn down that soon-to-be-rare opportunity.  I mean, for real, how sweet is that??!!  My heart swelled at the invitation, but I put it off for a few days knowing that I would be a zombie the day after.  I had to mentally prepare myself for that sleepless night of twisting and turning, since my son is like a fish out of water when he sleeps.

So I promised him he could sleep in the same bed as me when we traveled up to Milwaukee for my daughter's soccer tournament over the weekend.  And when the time came for us to all settle in for the night, I was so happy that he wanted to snuggle into me and let me spoon him.  For a teensy tiny second, I naively let myself believe that he would lie still like that for a few hours.  The moment was short-lived, though, as he pretty much immediately went into his typical wiggling extravaganza.  Honestly, the kid must burn 1,000 calories a night with all that moving around that he does.  No wonder he's so damn skinny!

Nevertheless, I did my best to dodge as many elbow throws and crotch kicks as I could throughout the night because I know that one day in the not-so-distant future, I'll give just about anything to be that close to my son again.  The bags under my eyes, albeit far from sexy, are really just a harmless side effect of an otherwise sweet memory that I'll hold in my heart for a long time to come.




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