Eons ago I had my first spa experience in the Philippines. It was a place called The Palm Garden and it was at the penthouse of the building I worked at — I worked a few floors down for what was then a start-up magazine (now one of the established fashion magazines in the Philippines). It was all very Devil Wears Prada – so you can imagine my excitement when they needed someone to write about a spa.

Since I was just a lowly fashion assistant, I grabbed the opportunity to prove my writing skills. Little did I know that I was getting much much more. It turned out to be quite a life-changing experience! After trying most of the spa’s services – scrubs, wraps and of course, massages – there was no turning back – I became a SPA Junkie. From then on, and as long as time and finances allowed, I spa-d regularly – that was back when I was living in a house paid for by my parents, no kids, no car payments, late nights, long days. The spa was my refuge. When fancy spas were too costly, I turned to day spas and if I couldn’t afford that, a mani-pedi at the corner salon would soothe my soul. When I traveled around Asia and Australia, I tried out spas too. (Unfortunately nothing too exotic yet – like fish pedicures or Turkish Mud Baths.)

These days, going to the spa is a luxury and treat for this Suburban Mama. It is the one thing I ask for every birthday, anniversary and on Christmas – whether it’s a $25 Foot Reflexology treatment in Little Saigon or a $150 massage. The Spa for me is an escape, a chance to relax. But more importantly, I believe that when you take care of your body, your body takes care of you.

We all need a mental break. We need to treat ourselves well…and if it’s a really good spa – it affects your body, mind and yes, spirit. Hmmm kind of like the Pacific Waters Spa at the Hyatt Hotel in Huntington Beach. Speaking of which… Last Thursday night I had the most amazing time there, where I was pampered along with the OC Family Mom Bloggers (Hi Suz!) And let me tell you, it was AMAZING. It’s funny how we sometimes take for granted the things that are in our own backyard! The staff was very friendly and professional, the surroundings serene. I think I’ve found a little piece of paradise here.

The Pacific Waters Spa offers guests the ultimate in relaxation with 17 treatment areas. They have massages, skin therapies, body wraps, scrubs and moisturizing facials using organic even a salon. Whew. I so know what I want for my birthday now. My husband says we should plan to go there for our anniversary (We’re celebrating our 10th this year). Finding a babysitter will be a challenge, but the Hyatt says to try out Camp Hyatt – which is a fun-filled camp for kids.

‘Nuff said. Can’t wait to go back.

But wait – there’s more.
As you are my friends, blog readers and photo fans, here’s a special offer courtesy of the Hyatt.

Become a Facebook Fan of Hyatt and write on their wall
“I became a fan of Pacific Waters Spa after reading Suburban Mama’s Blog.”

And just for becoming a fan you will receive 20 % off any 60-minute treatment!!! Woot!!

This promotion ends January 31.

PS. The title of this blog entry was the same title I used for that first Spa article I wrote way back when.

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