*Today's guest post is brought to you by Dr. F. Dean Hackett, also known as my dad.*  

What Is the History Behind the American Day of Thanksgiving Pt. 1

Where did the Day of Thanksgiving come from? Most people
connect it with Turkey Day or football. They have little or no understanding of
the origin and the significance of Thanksgiving Day.


churches in England went through some dramatic changes in the 16th
and 17th centuries. Henry VIII came to the throne of England in
1509. He severely attacked the writings on Martin Luther earning him the title,
“Defender of the Faith,” from the Pope.

However, twenty-four years later he
lost favor with the Pope, by divorcing his wife, Catherine and marrying Anne
Boleyn. The outcome of this conflict was King Henry VIII declaring England’s
separation from the Roman Catholic Church and the establishment of the Church
of England.

            Edward VI
became King of England following the death of his father, Henry VIII. However,
he only lived six years and in 1553, Mary Tudor, the only child between Henry
VIII and his first wife Catherine became queen. She was “Roman Catholic to the
core,” as Earle Cairns said, in his book Christianity Through the Centuries.

Queen Mary reinforced the
traditions and the rule of Roman Catholicism. With that new ruling came severe
punishment for failing to reestablish the traditions. 800 Church of England
clergy refused to comply. 300 were martyred and many others fled England for
Geneva, Switzerland and the home of John Calvin.

            Five years
later Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, came to the throne.
Because she was born in a marriage by divorce she could not be a member of the
Roman Church. She restored much of the Church of England but also maintained
much of the Roman tradition and practices. This gave rise to the Puritan
Movement which sought to restore:

Final Authority of the Holy Scriptures

Jesus Christ is the head of the Church not the Monarch

A child of God is in covenant with God through new
birth and they make covenant with other members of the family of God and not
the State.

Bishops should be spiritual leaders only and not
political leaders.

Local congregations should manage their affairs, select
their pastors and establish policies.

In 1560 when the Geneva Bible was published, it became
the accepted Bible of the Puritans.

To be continued...

Dr. F Dean Hackett is the Sr Pastor of Living Faith Church in Hermiston, OR.  He has been in full-time ministry for over 30 years, during which time he has both successfully pastored many churches as well as planted many others. But most importantly, he is my dad and is a frequent guest here on my blog.

Thank you for sharing...

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