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What is the History Behind the American Day of Thanksgiving Pt. 2

Cambridge University became the
center of this movement, although it was not acceptable by the Monarchy. James
I came to the throne in 1603. He was petitioned by the Puritans for the enforcement of their Scriptural

However, in 1604 James I declared, “I will harry them out of
the Kingdom.” Persecution of the Puritans became more severe. This was the same
conference in which he granted permission to make a new translation of the
English Scriptures. That translation became known as the King James Version or
“The Authorized Version of the Bible.”

became unbearable for many of the Puritan belief. They had to meet secretly, at
night, in private homes, arriving at staggered intervals, using separate routes
and secret times. Many hundreds of the Puritans gave their lives for their

Hundreds more fled England for
mainland Europe, particularly Holland. These believers were called Pilgrims
because they believed they were fleeing England for religious freedom. The King
James Version of the Holy Bible was never accepted by the Puritans. If a member
of the Puritan or Pilgrim congregation owned a King James Version they would be
excommunicated from the Church.

            Life was
next to impossible in Holland. The language barrier kept them working at
minimal jobs requiring extremely long hours and very rigorous work. Life was so
hard in Holland many of those in England refused to come, choosing prison over
the hard life in Holland.

            After much
prayer and fasting, the Puritans in Holland believed God had called them to
establish a “New Israel” in the new world being discovered in the Americas.
They first looked at Guiana, South America and then the Virginia Colony.
However, Guiana was very subject to decease and they would have to deal with
the jealousy of the Spaniards. The Virginia Colony would again put them under
the rule of the Monarchy. They chose instead to establish a new colony far
away, north of Virginia but under the Virginia Charter, with the provision they
would have religious liberty. Virginia welcomed this new colony. It was,
however, very difficult to convince the King.


To be continued...

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