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The Three Primary Reasons People Eat Organic

In today’s ever-increasing world of food contaminants, chemicals, pesticides and disease inducing additives, the need to eat healthy foods can seem to be a daunting task. The good news is that eating organic foods today is the healthiest most earth friendly choice any person can make.

There are three primary reasons why people choose organic foods and each one is especially important to people and the earth. These include:

  • Personal and Family Health
  • Quality of Organic Food
  • Eco-Friendly Farming

Personal and Family Health

It has been widely noted that today’s foods are causing disease and poor health in many Americans. By contrast to food that was farmed and produced just 50-60 years ago, today’s foods are filled with pesticides, chemicals and harmful additives. From the use of heavy amounts of pesticides, herbicides and Genetic Modification, there is a constant attack on the food sources Americans have access to.

In an article on pesticides and food noted that in a 2009 EPA report, 40% of U.S. children have levels of one particular type of pesticide in their bloodstream well above the levels of what is safe. Certain pesticides have been linked with cancer. It has been recommended that people should avoid any exposure to foods known to carry higher pesticide levels. The article goes on to encourage people to eat organic whenever possible to reduce their exposure to pesticides. In fact, one of the primary reasons people today use organic meal delivery is to ensure they are eating the best organic food available for their family.

Quality of Food

Another significant issue that is important when deciding to eat organic is the quality of the food. In an article in the LA Times based on a project that compared over 343 studies, there is significant evidence that organic food is better and more nutritious for people. In contrast to other singular studies, the compilation of this data from researchers in the U.S. and Europe suggests that organic crops contain higher concentrations of antioxidants than non-organic crops.

The study additionally concluded, that the conventionally farmed non-organic produce had not only higher levels of pesticides, but also higher levels of the toxic metal Cadmium. The article goes on to say that Scientists who have studied organic produce, have come up with the hypothesis that organic plants of all types probably produce more antioxidants. It is believed the higher antioxidants are produced by plants to defend themselves against infestation from insects and other environmental threats.

While many people consider organic crops to consist of primarily produce, this study included all primary grains as well. The report also noted that scientists also found that eating organic foods can reduce levels of the toxic metal Cadmium by 48% over Conventional Farming.

Eco Friendly Farming

When it comes to eating organic, the other major benefit is the positive effects on the planet. In an article released by the Mayo Clinic’s Clinical Staff, there is clear evidence based on guidelines of organic farming that the planet is better cared for with organic farming. This is primarily because organic farming uses no herbicides and pesticides. The key earth enhancing benefits for eating organic. Because the system of organic farming must be pure the soil and water quality is enhanced in the farming regions of organic farms. This also results in a noted reduction in pollution.

In another article on a recent study noted in the USDA completed tests on conventional farming versus organic farming. Their results found that when examining soil surfaces over a 23-year period, organic farming provided great eco benefits such as:

  • More-Fertile Soil
  • Uses Less Fertilizer
  • Uses Less Herbicide
  • Uses Less Energy
  • Provided More Carbon in Soil

By contrast, the two primary benefits for conventional farming over organic farming in the study included only:

  • Provided Higher Crop Yields
  • Reduced More Soil Erosion When No Tilling Was Used

Based on the data in these studies, it is clear that organic foods are better for people and the environment. While studies show organic foods may cost slightly more, the benefits of eating organic are significant.

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