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Fun Repurposing Projects for Those Old Blinds

No room is complete without the right blinds! But, that doesn’t mean the same set of blinds will look right at home in your living room until the end…

How to Glam up Your Everyday Office Look in the Winters

While formal wear in the summers mean quickly pairing a top with trousers, looking glam while also beating the chills can sometimes be tricky. While dropping temperatures bring with them several style options, they may not be your best bet in a professional…



** A three-day weekend is directly followed by an entire week of not knowing what the hell day it is.

** The shortest weeks often seem like the longest.

** Jimmy Hoffa may very well be hiding in my out-of-control pantry.

** It's apparently important to remember to turn off the sprinkler system when your kid decides to camp out in the backyard.

** Just when you think things are running along smoothly, someone goes and poops on your parade.

** All the shark attacks in the news do nothing to ease my fear of Jaws lurking somewhere in the near distance.

** Surely the number of questions I have to answer on a daily basis is directly related to the number of brain cells I seem to be losing.

** Every time someone "replies all" to a group email, an angel loses its wings.

** My children would rather just drip dry than change a damn toilet paper roll.

** Homophones can create unnecessary panic.

** Betty White is most certainly alive and kicking, bless her awesome, funny soul.

** I wish I had even a fraction of the energy that my alter-ego seems to have.

** Homework assignments should be for kids, NOT for parents.

** Despite what I might think, God does not give me more than I can handle.



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