The Best Reasons to Start a New Blog

If you’re on the internet a lot, you’ll realize that it’s filled with blogs of all shapes, sizes, and stripes. Many are utilized by businesses as a way of extending their brand and pulling in more customers. Others are just people who are taking advantage of a platform so that they can put…

Getting to Know the Lactation Lab

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a…




When the stresses of Motherhood become more then you can handle, where do you find refuge? Some might take a long bath when the husband gets home or hand the kids off and go for a run. Some might steal a moment to read the Bible to draw strength from The Almighty, while others will turn to drinking, perhaps to wash away their thoughts. I myself find it difficult to do any of these. Why, you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you why…

First of all, the most obvious choice would be drink myself to sleep, right! It tastes good and it becomes an easy to maintain habit, once you build up a tolerance. It helps you to relax maybe even have fun. Now that’s a novel thought! While I may have partaken in an adult beverage or two in my somewhat sorted past I really don’t have an addictive personality plus it’s an expensive habit and not easily hidden. So that’s out!

Let’s move on. I love me some bath time, however, you can only soak yourself for so long then your skin gets all wrinkly. At this point in my life the last thing I need is more wrinkles, I’m trying to prevent then not create them. Besides, it only takes a moment for one of the kids to slip out of Daddy’s view and come pounding on the door! This is just my opinion, but that’s not very relaxing!

A good run, oh yes: chest pain, shin splints, sweat! Sounds fantastic! I live in Tennessee and just the thought of running up hill makes me out of breath. This is definitely not the answer.

I, on many occasions, have attempted to read my Bible. I have a desire to read it but I don’t have the time. An excellent excuse I tell myself though I know it’s crap. I’ll stay up until 2:00 a.m. watching a weeks worth of Days of Our Lives that I DVR’d but I can’t seem to find time to read. I should probably make more of an effort, don’t you agree!

Where does that leave me? Tired, frustrated, annoyed? The answer is YES, YES, YES! Because I love my children and I love my husband, I just keep on keeping on. I get up tired, I go to bed tired. I complain and I cry. I ask for rest but can never stop. I’m a Mom, it’s what I always wanted and what I signed up for. Today I was afforded the opportunity to sit awhile and write as kids played outside, that was nice. As for tomorrow, tomorrow will just have to take care of itself!

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