I don’t like that word (sucks), but honestly, it’s exactly how I feel about this whole ‘Advent’ thing right now.  Here’s the deal.  On one hand, I have Rocco who is rushing away the days just to get to the next day, the next number, the next gift; and then there’s Roman who is only interested in Advent because Rocco is.  Roman gets frustrated when its time to look for the number and has to search 25 gifts to find it.  Rocco always finds it first (because he finds it the day before) and Roman just gives up and doesn’t care.  He’d rather go play than sit in front of a tree and search for a number.  And really, I’m sure he knows Rocco will take over the toy at some point anyway, so he lets him go at it and finds something else to occupy his time with.

And then there’s little old me.  I bought toys that needed to be put together.  Like today’s toy… a metal toy airplane.  What was I thinking?  The box comes with mini screwdrivers and wrenches and screws smaller than 1/2 the size of my pinky nail.  When I saw that was the case, I immediately told the boys how excited daddy was to put this together with them and they had to wait (oh, yes I did) until daddy came home from work.  They made it until about 5:30pm (Bri gets home at 6:30/7) and the next thing I knew, they were using scissors to cut open the box.  I gave in.  Tossed dinner in the oven and sat down to attempt to build this metal miniature airplane thing.

14 seconds in, I was completely frustrated.  Screws were flying into the air, popping out of my hand every time I tried to pinch them together.  I couldn’t wrap my fingers around the wrench that was as thin as paper and as long as the width of my eye; it was just ridiculous!  And well, let’s just note that I’m very impatient these days.  I’m trying really hard but when the thought came across my head to flush the box down the toilet and feed the kids ice-cream until daddy came home; it was tempting.  I stuck it on top of the refrigerator and took out the chocolate advent calendars from grandma.  They forgot all about the plane while I fed them chocolate and called Bri on speaker phone.  I guarantee… GUARANTEE that Brian will have this stupid plane put together in 37 seconds.  Which will just irritate me even more.  Look at this stupid toy!  Happy Advent.

Roman even got fed up with the screwdriver and went to the tool chest to get the big one.  It didn’t work but he was sure trying hard.

The other part of advent that sucks in that my kids wake up at the crack of dawn to open the next number.  And Rocco, oh so smart Rocco plays this dumb game like, “Mommy!  I don’t know where the number is… I need to find it… Wake up…. hmmmm… we need to look for it… let me look…” Sure, it’d be cute if that were the case, however, he knows where the next number is.  He knew from the minute he found and opened yesterday’s advent gift.  At 6:30am, I just want to say, “Seriously kid, just go take the number off of the tree and let me go back to bed.  And yes son, yes its a shooter nerf gun.  Please don’t also pretend that you didn’t know that’s what it was.  I saw you feeling your way around that gift yesterday like it was your job and you determined that it was a nerf gun then.  24 hours ago.  And you announced it to the whole family.”

So that’s Advent for you, here at 1046.  And guess what?  Tomorrow its Rocco’s turn.  Guess what the gift is?  A metal car that has to be put together.  With all the same tools the airplane had.  I’m putting day ’5′ gift in daddy’s briefcase.  He can bring it home with him from work.  OOPS!


PS.  It just took Bri no more than 128 seconds to put that plane together- mini screwdriver, screws, wrench and all… 128 seconds.  They are flying it around the house as I type.

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