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10 Ways to Spend More Time in Nature

You might dislike nature. It’s the home of mud, bugs, and sunburns. It’s also the home of beautiful views, fresh air, and wonderful fragrances. You might dislike nature, but on the other hand, you might love it. Whatever your feelings about nature, you know you should be…

What To Post About On Your Mom Blog About Your Family’s RV Trip

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Adorable flower girl dresses to choose from

As the music rises and your guests’ heads start to turn, they’ll be delighted to see the cutest little members of the wedding party start making their way down the aisle.

The tradition…

Those children who don't have homework

My son is sitting at the kitchen counter doing his homework. He is not crying about it, he is not upset and he doesn't need my help. He is quietly doing his homework. And, because I can't believe this scenario, I am also staying very quiet. But my head is buzzing:

  • Did we turn a corner here? Has my son finally accepted that homework is a part of his life?
  • Is he doing a good job? I shouldn't look. But I really, really want to look.
  • I wish he had neater handwriting.
  • He stopped. Is he thinking? Is he done? Oh, never mind. He has started writing again.
  • What will he want to do when he is done with his homework? Will he be upset that it is dinnertime and there isn't time to play?

I know that my son hasn't really accepted that homework is part of his life, and I know we will have many (many) more arguments about it as he grows older. He has often asked me the point of homework, and like a good Mommy, I have done my best to be honest with him: Homework is to help reinforce the information you learned in school as well as get students in the habit of having work after school. Because, even if you know the information you are learning now, that may not always be the case and you will need to work on concepts or studying at home for full understanding one day.

But then again, there are the schools that are dropping homework requirements for their students in favor of more family time and sleep. And...I can't argue with that logic. I would love to have my son's focus at night be on family time and sleep. And I would have no problem being the type of family that enforces that.

But, no. We have homework to get through. At least today my son accepts that.

Would you be happier if your child didn't have homework? Tell me your stance in the comments.

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