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Thoughts on Paterno from a Penn State alum and mom.

I am also a Penn State alum and a mom of three children, two of them young boys.  I share your disgust and I mourn the loss of innocence of all of those victims.  I also mourn the loss of our icon, Joe Paterno.  Paterno was more than a football coach.  For decades, he embodied how to lead with respect, honor and high standards.  Unfortunately, now he must be judged himself by those same high standards.  I agree with the board's decision, but I do not applaud it.  There is nothing here to cheer about.  I am deeply saddened by all aspects of this ordeal.


Read my take on all this scandal means for Penn Staters.

Mourning the Loss of Paterno, Our Fallen Hero

NOVEMBER 10, 2011

I am heartbroken.  As I have mentioned many times before, I am a proud Penn Stater.  Or, at least, I have been until this week.

Penn Staters have lost a hero this week.  Joe Paterno is now theformer head coach of Penn State football.  Until last night, he has been an icon, a role model, and held God-like status among Penn State fans.  Until this week, that status was earned and well-deserved. Paterno has always deflected the praise and fame that came with his status.  His number one priority was about doing his best for Penn State University first, Penn State football second.  Paterno was the backbone of Penn State’s “Success with Honor” program.  For years, Joe Paterno resisted aggressive recruiting tactics, enforced academics over athletics among his players, and held a zero tolerance standard for his players that no other big football program could match.

Penn Staters and Penn State fans have admired, cheered for, and loved Joe Paterno for all that he has done for our university and all that he has taught the Penn State community about what is truly important.  Paterno’s name has been synonymous with the ideals of ethics, honor and respect.  Until now.


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Comment by tracie b on November 14, 2011 at 10:19am

the fact that stilll, McQueary is not gone, makes no sence to me. I would think he would be axed before Paterno. oh and this new "universiity president" this morning on Good Morning America said it best. In a nut shell he said they had 92,000 students coming back to school and this was his only concern. Then they should bow out of the season, get their crap together, put all faculty into a hardcore sexual awareness program, and come back better and bigger than ever next year. it still makes me sick to my stomach how the victims are being treated. stacey did you see the interview on ABC of one of the moms that had suspected this was going on? Excuse me but when they were interviewing her she said she had suspected someone was being inappropriate with her son. Then her son    started telling her 6 MONTHS AGO that this man should be punished because he touched people unappropriately(in a nutshell). but in the moms opinion, her OWN SON was not being specific enough to let her know it was him that the coach was touching. OMG, this goes back to the old term of anyone can have a child, but everyone has to test to have a driving lisence. they way that the university is handling this is "craptastic" as my 15 yr old son put it this morning. obviously I am infuriated because when i pray about this specifically, my mind always ends up back where it started, in the shower where a boys innocence was lost. how what this man choose to do,changed that young boys life forever. if McQueary stepped in to protect this boy, i think the boy would at least have some faith of mankind left. And the boy would have had a much easier time recovering or at least a shot.I pray peace and healing over the boys that were involved. the ones that stand up today and the ones that will be too ashamed to ever stand up. they will carry it with them for the rest of their lives. i know. been there done that. God Bless all of the young men that were involved and may they feel the love of God and realize one day they did nothing wrong.    

Comment by Stacey Biemiller Maisch on November 12, 2011 at 9:04pm

tracie, I do agree with you.  I just had this conversation with my brother (another Penn State alum) just today.  McQueary's inaction at the time he witnessed that horrific event is INEXCUSABLE.  Even a 15 yr old knows better than to turn away from something so awful.  The media have ignored him because he's not as much "fun" to bring down as Paterno.  He wouldn't bring as many hits.  As sorry as we all are as Penn Staters to see Paterno go under these circumstances, I do agree that he had to go for the sake of our school.  If we as an institution are ever to move forward from all of this, we need to clean house.  The worst part of it all, though, is knowing that, no matter what we do to try to move on, make amends and pray for those victims, they will never ever recover.  And there were so many possibilities to prevent this.  It makes me heartsick.

Comment by tracie b on November 10, 2011 at 11:40pm

ok a question for you.......i am a mother, a wife, a citizen ect. but i think what makes me angry most of all, is this "man" coach walking into the locker room and looking into that childs eyes that was being raped, and he chooses not to help the boy?instead, he calls his daddy? i dont care the circumstance or the so called "brotherhood" THE MAN WAS RAPING A CHILD AND HE DID NOTHING TO STOP IT. what a coward and i am sure all of the coaches knew or suspected of this man fetishes for  young defencless children. zero tolerance. they should all be gone! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! and i do mean the one we all are thinking. sorry it just really pisses me off. and this dude didnt get fired but the head coach did that fallowed protocol? thats crap. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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