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Three, Three and Under (From

Yes, you heard it right! Baby #3 is expected in our house the end of January! Those adorable pics of a strange form prove that we could have an addition! I couldn’t be more excited or scared. Two under 2 is fantastic but so tiring – I can only imagine what 3 will be like. Crazy times are coming to my house. My husband would claim that I am already crazy and this will just make it crazier. While I used to act shocked, he is right. I have always been sorta wacky and now my whole life and house will be crazytown!

I must admit that this time the making of the baby is causing me considerable distress. First, I am nauseous ALL the time. Second, I have now been sick with some sort of cold or flu for more than a week, making it difficult to stay dry or keep food down. Yes, you heard me. For those of you wo have been pregnant you know you must pee a lot in the first trimester and in the third trimester for different reasons. For some reason the muscles down there just don’t do their job very well while preggers and so this week when I sneeze I must really focus or I will pee my pants. Yes, this is called PIMP ing in pregoland and it has not happened to me before but the crazy sneezing is making it impossible to keep it all in. I am mortified and I figure I might as well share it with the world because my 2 1/2 year old knows and will be spilling the beans as soon as we go out in public again. She thinks it is hilarious and I am waiting for her to offer me the Dora pull ups she uses at night.

Thank you Sophia. That is so nice of you to offer Mommy your diaper. Jeez – what has it come to?

In addition to PIMP ing I am also actually puking when I sneeze at times. Life could not get any better right? I am just so nauseous and so sick that I cannot control how my body works at all. It sucks! I am overwhelmed. It takes a lot to overwhelm me but that cute little bean is already in cahoots with his or her siblings to take me down in a very undignified manner. No one ever said parenting was pretty – but when you are in the rough parts – it can be hard to even see the wonderful parts.

I am trying. I am so happy that we are having a third and that I getting the big family that I have always wanted. For me this is it. I wanted four. Ross wanted two. This bean is our pre-marriage compromise. Odd and very contractual sounding but that is how it is. For Ross I think a family of five seem huge. For me it will be just perfect.

I am hoping and praying that all this sickness is a good sign (people swear it is) because we have gone through miscarriage and some other scares and I don’t want to go through that again. It is the most terrible, exhausting, confusing thing that I have ever experienced. Also, if you try again right away, it causes you to be pregnant for as long as an ass or a horse or a zebra (gestation of a year). UGH. Believe me I got my wine on for a week or so after I lost the baby but basically I was preggers for forever! I also think that this baby (and yes I already confirmed that I am crazy) has a part of our angel baby since their due dates are just days apart. I like to think that.

Now, if I can stop PIMP ing all will be well.

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