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This is a follow up to my previous Tiger Woods blog. Forgiveness is something we all need. Is that not true? I mean think about your worst transgression, now think about if everybody in America knew it. Know think about the person you are, and how you truly are not that worst trangression. You would not want anyone judging your entire life on your worst transgression. You are more than that. You are better than your worst flaw, your worst mistake. I think this needs to be said first.
Having acknowleged the above facts, I must continue that Tiger is not the beating board. It is the behavior in genreal that needs to be addressed, that needs to be talked about. Tiger's greatest accomplishment yet may be to shed light on the fire that is burning the foundational thread of America. Family comes first! Betrayal of your wife, is betrayal of the family, your children. It can not be separated. More than ever, at any time in the history of this great country, family needs to be revered, respected, and put in the HERO column. I just saw on tv how certain endorsers of Tiger Woods, may or may not pull his contracts. I say it is time to stand up for the American family.Tiger Woods is not the issue.He may be the catylyst for a long overdue review of what we as Americans consider Heroes.
We cheer for our favorite sports stars. We buy shirts with their names on them.We cry out passionately at their success and wallow in despair at their defeat.I understand the thrill of the fan. I am one! But when was the last time you cheered for a loving and faithful husband or wife? When was the last time we bought and wore a shirt with the name of a fallen soldier or firefighter? Is it really all about money. I'm a capitalist. I believe in the American dream and the concept of capitalism as the best way to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But I am beginning to think we are losing sight of who the real heroes are in this great country. And we certainly don't take the media time to recognize them. No one should endorse Tiger Woods at this time. No company should wave away this transgression for the dollars they may earn. Tiger needs forgiveness if he is truly sorry. But that does not mean we reward that act with our dollars. Forgiveness is one thing, but continuing to portray him as someone to be admired is sheer blindness.
Again we are talking about children and family. No woman or man should be revered as a role model if they betray their family, their wife, their children. If Tiger is the man so worthy of our respect, he would not wait for his sponsors to drop him. He would withdraw himself. That does not mean he can not be forgiven, or turn his life around, but for the time being he should resign from endorsing any product. And any advertisers that decides to keep him is supporting this act of betrayal...at least for the time being.
We are not talking about Tiger, we are talking about all the children,small and grown who have suffered over the loss of family through infidelity and ultimate divorce. They will never be the same.They are changed forever. Our children deserve better. They deserve to have happy childhoods, at least where mom and dad love each other, are commited to each other,and willing to fight for the health and welfare of the family. The pain in our society because of divorce is staggering. The pain sufferred even well into adulthood is debilitating. It is time to recognize this pervasive problem and to talk about it. And it is well past time to admiring cheaters,no matter what else they do.
Karen Critcher

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