So I have been blogging for about a month now and I love it. I have gotten more involved on Twitter and I love it. I created a Facebook page and I am getting better about updating it. I am active on Pinterest and have been finding lots of great healthy recipes.

I am having trouble with my time management.

I could spend all day looking at Twitter, Facebook and other blogs. I know from reading about blogging that the way to grow your blog is to comment on other blogs, join the blogging websites, be active on Twitter and on your blog's Facebook page. I honestly could get lost for hours reading all the great posts that are out there and commenting on them. Not to mention Pinterest, don't even get me started on the amount of time I can spend there.

It's great and it is fun but I am wondering how other bloggers balance all of this as well as their everyday lives. I want to be active in all these areas but I have a house, a family, an occasional substitute teaching and volunteering at the boys school.

As you can see my OCD (Day One) is beginning to take over. I felt the need to get myself on track this week and schedule myself to get it all in and not feel stressed about it.

So here is what I am trying this week. I am working on my time management. I know I cannot sit at the computer all day. Blogging is not my full time job. If it starts earning me an income well then I will sit all day but until then I have to work on creating a good balance (Creating Balance) of everything.

I have decided to break down my day this way:

  • I am going to plan each day the night before.
  • I am going to start with looking at what is already on the schedule, then in the open areas I will work in the following things.
  • First, I am going to give myself chunks of time to get my household responsibilities done.
  • Second, I am going to give myself a chunk of time each day to work on upcoming blogs. I want to start prepping blogs a few days in advance so that I can edit them instead of trying to write it all on the day I post.
  • Last, I am going to give myself time blocks throughout the day to spend on the computer checking my accounts, reading blogs and commenting. Some days I will allow myself more time and other days (for instance days I am subbing all day) there will be less time spent on the computer.

Will everyday workout as I had planned, absolutely not. Why? Because life happens.

Take Monday for instance, it was going to be day one of my schedule. I sat down on Sunday and planned it out and I was ready to go! But life happened and I had to attend a funeral and the schedule and daily goals I had for myself disappeared. Family is family and to do list's, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and blog reading well they just don't enter in when family or friends are in need. I didn't freak out or stress out, I just postponed the things I wanted to get done.

As much as I call myself OCD, I am working on letting go when needed. I used to (and still do sometimes) get stressed if my day took an unexpected turn. But 2013 is a year of change for me so I am going to let things go if needed and not stress or work my tail off later in the day, the house will still be there to clean another day, errands can be run another day, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and my blog will still be there but being there for family or dropping everything to have lunch with a friend, those are the moments in life that count.


How do you manage your time? How do other bloggers manage their time on social media sites as well as work, family, etc?

Question of the day:

I get kind of bossy...

I get kind of bossy when it comes to the cleaning and organizing of my house. Again, my OCD tendencies rear their ugly head. I like things to be done a certain way and as much as I appreciate when someone wants to help, I am not always the best at letting them do it their way. When the house starts to get cluttered with toys, clothes, etc. I go into Drill Sergeant mode and start getting everyone up and moving and cleaning up their stuff. Some weeks are worse than others depending on how busy we have been.

Again I am working on it....but it is a marathon not a sprint:)

When do you get kind of bossy?

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