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5 Common Fundraising Mistakes that Might Be Hurting Your Organization

Fundraising is hard work, done with the best intentions in mind. While you might get caught up in the spirit of “doing good,” you could be doing it wrong. Whether it’s a communication failure or a lack of foresight, here are five mistakes you’ll want to avoid when…

Life Changes I Wish I’d Made Sooner

By the time I turned 25, I was sure my life was a single-lane highway.

A single-lane highway with no exits. As far as I was concerned, I was headed in the same direction, with no…

3 Easy Ways to Share Nature With Your Kids This Summer

There’s something about the summer that brings out the fun in kids. Long summer days without any thought of school foster the type of carefree living children relish every year. The only bad thing about the summer is it can go by really fast. As parents, it is important to…

Tips for Finding the Right Swimwear for Tween Girls

Women tend to struggle to find swimsuits that make them feel good, and often put off the task of buying something new until they really have to. For tween girls, the process can also be fraught with challenges, particularly if they are comparing their bodies to others or are very focused on keeping up with the latest fashions.

If you have a young girl you need to find the right bikini or one-piece for, it is important to do some research and shop carefully. Read on for some top tips you can use today to help make the process less stressful and ensure you make a great-value purchase at the same time.

Buy Based on Where and How a Swimsuit Will Be Used

The first step to take when searching for a tween bikini or other swimsuit is to think about where and how the young girl will be using the clothing. For example, does she need one that she can swim laps in up and down a pool multiple times per week for training, or is the swimwear needed only for recreational purposes, such as at the beach or in a backyard pool? Thinking about this will guide you in looking at the best style to suit those particular needs.

Don’t forget too that it is important to consider how easy items are to wash and wear. While lots of the most popular bikinis and one-pieces for tweens these days have embellishments added to them to cater to fashion and give products more “ooh and ahh” factor for girls, these things can pose an issue if a swimsuit is being worn regularly.

Additions such as sequins, bows, ruffles, and so on can come off, lose their appeal or look faded or worn quite quickly, which can mean swimwear doesn’t last as long as a result. In addition, these embellishments also typically require products to be hand washed rather than put through a normal cycle with spin, so can be extra work to take care of to keep them looking good. This is something to keep in mind and to discuss with your tween when choosing a bathing suit.

Find the Right Fit

Of course, another one of the key factors in finding the right swimwear for tween girls is getting the fit spot on. Young girls not only need to be comfortable in the bathing suit if they’re going to get good wear out of it, but also need to feel that their swimsuit covers them in all the right areas and doesn’t require pulling or adjusting.

To make life easier, it pays to either take the wearer with you to the shops so that she can try on different bathing suits for the best fit, or else buy online with a trusted e-commerce store that allows returns or exchanges. Many shops will have clear sizing guides available that you can use to choose the most appropriate size and style of swimsuit, or alternatively, you might also like to stick to the same brand your tween has worn before so that you know the fit will be suitable.

Those swimsuits which fit children properly are comfortable in many different positions. For example, girls should be able to sit down, bend, twist, raise their arms, and move freely. They should also find that the straps of their swimwear stay up without a thought, rather than sliding down often and needing to be adjusted; and there should ideally be a little bit of room in the product for the child to grow over the coming months.

Keep in mind that while fashion trends may have your tween pressing to buy a particular style of swimsuit, they may not actually feel comfortable wearing this type of product once they have tried it on. You may, therefore, need to look for a compromise in style that has some of the fashionable elements that are popular with the tween crowd at the time, but that doesn’t forgo comfort either.

Choose Suitable Fabrics

Lastly, don’t forget to think about choice of fabric when helping your tween choose new swimwear. Softer options such as cotton blends are generally a good choice for children with sensitive skin while, on the other hand, nylon and spandex costumes tend to last longer. A good mix of the two can be found in polyester blends which offer longevity and comfort.

Sun protection should be considered too. For optimum protection, look for swimsuits which have a higher Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF), as the special dyes added to these products during manufacturing work to block more harmful UV rays. Fabrics with a high UPF can also protect tweens from scratches, abrasions, and the wind.


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