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When children reach their teenage years, parents are more concerned about their schoolwork and social lives than their sleeping patterns. Teenagers are a tough lot to raise with the constant mood swings, and their rebellious acts, and most parents often feel overwhelmed when their children reach this age. Too overwhelmed, it seems, to notice that their teenage children are not receiving adequate amounts of sleep. Proper sleep is important for teenagers for a variety of reasons and it is important that you ensure that your teenager is sleeping well.

When you realize that your teenager is having difficulty sleeping, the first thing to do is talk to them about their sleeping problems. Talk to your child about some of the things that he or she may be worried about that could be interfering with their ability to get enough sleep. The teenage years are stressful for most people, and there could be an issue that your teenager is going through that could be affecting their sleeping patterns. Talking to the child about the problem could help them put it into perspective, which will help them sleep better.

It is also important that you educate your teenager on the importance of sleep. Emphasize the benefits of sleeping including the fact that it is essential for improving performance and memory in class. Help your teenager understand that they need at least eight to nine hours of quality sleep during school nights. Sleep also promotes general well-being and helps one to lose weight. This last point is important owing to the staggering increase in the number of obese children and teenagers across the world. If your teenager is slightly on the heavy side, advise him to get more rest and enough exercise so that he can become healthier.

Furthermore, encourage your teenager to engage in exercise routines. Studies have shown that regular exercise helps people to sleep better as well as improving their general health. Explain to your child why regular exercise is important and even participate in his exercise routines to make it more entertaining for both you and your child.

Discourage your teenage child from taking beverages that have caffeine. Such drinks include coffee, tea, and cola. If you suspect that your teenager is taking alcohol at this tender age, advise them on the detrimental effects of alcohol especially on their ability to achieve quality sleep. In addition, enlighten them on the addictive properties of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. Ensure they understand that long-term addictions to these substances will interfere with the quality of their sleep for years to come.

In addition, discourage your children from eating too much or too little close to their bedtime. It becomes difficult to sleep if you are overfull or extremely hungry. Hunger or extreme satiation can cause discomfort during the night and interfere with your teenager’s ability to sleep throughout the night. Ensure you serve supper a few hours before bedtime so that digestion is already underway when it is time for your teenager to go to sleep.

Bedtime routines are a great sleeping aid for teenagers. Create a bedtime routine with your teenage child or encourage them to create one on their own. Doing the same routine an hour or two before sleep can help your teenager fall asleep faster, and sleep throughout the night.

Another essential tip to help your teenager sleep better is to invest in a quality mattress for them. People tend to sleep better when they are lying on a comfortable mattress. The comfort stops them from tossing and turning throughout the night owing to discomfort. Search for top mattress brands on the internet and select the one you believe will be best for your teenager. 

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