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Back when I was a kid living in remote Onivero (outside of Levuka, on the island of Ovalau, Fiji), I would look forward to the mail coming like an anxious teen in the throes of desperate new love. Is it here?! Do I have anything? YES???!!!!

Oh, the stamps! Oh, the glory of opening an envelope, knowing it was filled with something ripe and written for ME. Sometimes my hands would tremble as I took letters out, I'd get that excited.

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Mail didn't come often but I'd still yearn for it, crave it and adore it with my whole young heart.

It's been a long time since those days (and maybe I don't feel like telling you the exact number of years), but my innards still do a flip-flop when I receive something written. Something tangible, with an actual person who spelled out my name and wrote my address, affixed the stamp with their own hands. It is personal, it means something, something that speaks more to me than the quick "enter" for the "send" button of an email greeting. Not that I don't appreciate or like those; I do, but they are a lukewarm and watered down version of the real thing, to be sure.

Which is why I, a non-Christian, like holiday cards. It's the one time of the year that you can be sure you'll be receiving things in the mail. I don't care how cheesy the card; I am happy to see the care that went into it. No matter how "awkward" the family photo, I delight it in and hang it on my fridge. I treasure them, those tokens of 'real', of "I care" in this swiftly moving virtual non-reality that the world sometimes seems.

And so! I shall share with you a find of mine: Tiny Prints. They make ordering and deciding oh, about a trillion times easier than Shutterfly. Mostly because the selection that they offer jumps off the page for me. I adore rounded edges and circular non-traditional cards (and ornament cards!) - Tiny Prints has both and they make it pretty darn easy to slap in a cute pic of your kid, cat or cannily attractive partner (or all three! or four! or more!). Plus, you can slip out of the more traditional "Christmas" colour-scapes and lean into steady solids like black, black and more black. I like black backgrounds. But hey, if red and green float your boat, they have that too.

Ones I dig: Be Merry, Collage (especially with the black background) and the Tabbed Grid.
And the DIY ones - love.

And so. I hoped I helped you get your card for me ready...ready? Set....DISCOUNT CODE!

Free Shipping + 15% Off Orders of $75+ or 20% Off $175+
15% Off $49+ & 20% off $149+ Plus Free Shipping (Starts 12/3)

(just joking - you don't really need to send me a card)


(sort of just joking)


No, they are not paying me for this!

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