To Cut or NOT to Cut... That is the question!

Well I have heard it all... He's growing a mullet, he has horns, his
fringe is too long, come on Tracey you need to cut Aidan's hair...

I personally don't think that it needs to be cut, I mean this poor
child's hair can be deceiving I know, what with the colour tone that it
is and how it makes the hair look thicker than it really is, and yes I
agree he does have a few strands that are slightly longer than the rest,
but does that warrant a cut?

How can I go and maim Aidan's beautiful soft fuzzy baby hair just to please others? Shame man it has
taken this poor little guy 14 and a half months to grow it like this and
now people are getting funny about it, its not like he has a mop of
hair that resembles an untidy afro or anything, in fact its the exact
opposite, I fear that if I end up cutting this gorgeous set of locks it
will make the fact that his hair is still very much thinned out stand
out even more...

Oh and then there are the people who say, well shave his hair all off then it will grow back thicker, (now if you are
not Indian and it doesn't fall into what your culture is doing why
should I?) I have spoken to a friend who happens to be a hairdresser and
he basically said that when you shave your baby's hair you are actually
totally getting rid of it, because when you are thinking that here it
is growing back thicker, you have actually pretty much gotten rid of the
Baby hair and now encouraging the adult hair to grow, as adult hair is
more coarse than that of a baby's hair(their hair is deciduous and will
fall out later giving the space for the "thicker" adult hair) He
compared it to the fact that once you baby's first tooth has cut and is
taking a while to grow to it's designed length, would you go have it
pulled just because it's taking longer than what YOU feel it should
take? (Thanks Kev!)

What I keep telling myself is that God is the one who has designed this beautiful being , why should I go and want to
change the way He made us? Yes I admit I sometimes feel slightly
impatient and wish the hair would grow quicker and the teeth would cut
sooner and that he should start walking now, but then I remind myself
that we have a lifetime together, it will all happen in God's own time,
and that no-one on this earth has the power to change the way Aidan
develops, really, so what if he isn't talking the hind leg off a donkey
yet or that he is taking his time to walk? I have a beautiful,happy,
healthy and loving child and he will do these things when he is ready...

The way I see it ... NO CUTTING!!!!

How can I cut those cute side burn curls???

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