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Too Much Information???? Ah What The Hell!

So here is an update on my obsessive baby girl journey. According to my calculations I ovulated somewhere between January 20-22, which would mean my period would be due approximately 14 days following that date. This leads me to believe that my monthly friend should have come between February 3-5, but it's now the early morning of the 8th and no visit from my friend Dot. This news should be very encouraging, except for the fact that I have now taken 2, count em, 2 MORE pregnancy tests that have both resulted in a big fat negative,
bringing our grand total to 4. What the Hell!!!! I read the directions (which include a warning that the test should NOT go in your vagina. Really, what moron thought that is how the test works?) Sorry, I digress. I followed all the idiot proof instructions. This time I sprang for the 3 pack of EPT tests instead of the generic brand at the grocery store. This test
boasted the same seducing promise to deliver accurate results (87%) when taking the test 1 day before your missed period. Well I'm 2 days late EPT, tell your researchers to analyze THAT!

The first test I did yesterday afternoon, right after buying it. I got a little excited when I saw a line in both of the result windows, but then I checked the box and realized if the test is positive one window
will display a (+) sign.

Then I thought well maybe I should have waited for my morning pee to take it. So as soon as I woke up this morning, after shooing Bryson away who was asking for Toaster Strudel, I hopped into the bathroom for my
second attempt. Different day, same results.

So, the good news is I haven't gotten my BFF Flow so it's still possible there might be something cooking in my oven. The bad news is I might be one of those impatient idiots who messes up a pregnancy test.

Slowly Losing it in Boyland,


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