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Tosca Reno's Personal Revolution - Women Over 35 Only Allowed

You’ve probably heard of Tosca Reno. She is the author of the Eat Clean Diet. And she is the woman who, at age 40, decided to transform herself from an overweight housewife and mother of three into a swimsuit model. Which she still is at the age of 50! She is showing us that indeed, Fifty is the new Thirty.

I was sent her latest book, Your Best Body Now, by her publicist and was eager to share it with you. Tosca is a true inspiration.

If you are a late bloomer to the fitness world and/or, like many women, have put children, marriage and other obligations first and have been forgetting about your own wellbeing in the process… Well, you’ll want to pick up this book. As Tosca says “Although I was good at taking care of my children, I was terrible at taking care of myself”. What a great reminder that putting myself first will give me the energy, the zing to better take care of everyone and everything in my life.

So, yes, it appears THERE IS LIFE after 30! Though I’ve spent much of my youth complaining about a body I only wished I still had today, after reading this book, I believe it’s not too late to look to get it back and most probably even improve upon that.

In the back of my mind, I believe that the concept that our metabolism slows down with age is a fear, an excuse to allow for the extra pounds to accumulate. Truth is, our metabolism slows by 2 to 5%, every ten years. This should NOT be a sentence for fatness. Our metabolism slows because we start moving less as we get older. Someone like Tosca inspires us NOT to fall into that trap. She also mentions another considerable advantage (that I’ve heard from yoginis too) that a stronger body means that it will, most probably, make it easier to sail through menopause.

I know that I have consistently and immediately seen a remarkable difference whenever I have started my own “eating clean” and exercise regime. Gone are the layer of water retention, the afternoon slumps and the low blood sugar episodes. So why don’t I stick with it when it does me so much good? Life has a tendency of getting me derailed from my best intentions. Tosca’s book, based on her own personal experience and achievements in this area certainly puts it all in perspective. Just take a look at her photos and those of her success stories. I want to think that I have the potential to stick with it and get the strong, healthy body that I need to lead the life that I want. ok, so yes, I also want to fit into those sexy jeans. So, I have started Tosca’s program, giving myself a 30-day non-negotiable window to fully absorb the program so that it becomes habit (because, as we know, it takes 28 days to form a habit into a permanent lifestyle change).

Tosca’s approach is simple, no-nonsense and her program is thoroughly manageable. The book is filled with tips & tricks, many of which we have heard before but that serve as excellent reminders to finally act smarter about fitness and nutrition. She mentions facts like: 80% of how our body looks is based on nutrition. Being reminded of that, I start really paying attention to every morsel that goes past my lips. Among other things in this book, you will find illustrations of her (simple) recommended exercises with adaptations for performing these at the gym or at home. Several Eat Clean recipes are included too. Here is a link to browse the book.

Verdict: I recommend it. Even better, start this program with a buddy for extra support.

Your Best Body Now is available on Amazon, bien sûr.

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