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How To Help A Friend Who Is an Addict

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Places are there for people to travel and conquer, well not in the old sense of the word but in a new light which means new adventure and new horizons to set out to. People who likes to travel tends to study a bit at least the places they are going to and at least a bit of history of the place. If you are looking for some place for sight-seeing or soul searching and you want a place with a rich history behind it, Vietnam is just as historical as any other, but its undiscovered beauty and serenity is nothing to be compared with.

vietnam.jpg (630×420)

One who is studying Vietnam might get interested with the history of the country especially the world renowned altercation known as the Vietnam War. One may wonder how and when did the Vietnam War start. The conflict started on 1954 and ended on 1975. This is said to begin when the French involvement in Indochina ended in the early days of May of 1954. This then led to the Geneva Conference where the French and Viet Minh agreed to a ceasefire arrangement. Vietnam was divided into two states, then known as North Vietnam and South Vietnam which were led by Ho Chi Minh and Bao Dai respectively.

War Against Communism

Ngo Dinh Diem who is the Prime Minister of the Bao Dai government is backed up by the US with its campaign to ensure a non-communist Vietnam. His aggressive campaign had not been popular with a lot of people even in the Southern Vietnam. As evidence to this, the National Liberation Front or also known as Viet Cong has been established to oppose Diem’s regime. War story intensifies until the Vietnam skies were lit up by bombings and explosions in a span of three years. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story of the Vietnam and there are more here if you would like to further indulge yourself in the tales of it.

There are lots of stories and tales one may pick up when studying and learning about a place’s history. But it is important to remember that the people you might encounter when traveling into that place may hold a personal connection to the events that unfolded in the historic occurrences so it is best to be mindful and respectful at all times while minding all the courtesy you can extend.

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