I love to run. I love my long runs. I love training for a race. I love my strength workouts. I love where I live and the changing seasons. But I am bored. I am losing motivation to get up and go in my basement to run on the treadmill another day. Winter has hung on for too long.

Typically in the winters I spend time doing quick intervals on the treadmill and I spend a maximum of 40 minutes on the machine three times a week. This year I decided I would run a half marathon in April, I figured I would spend January and February on the treadmill but by March the weather would be up in the 40’s and I could get outside. We are a days away from April 1st and the weather is still cold here in the north. I have done three months of long runs on the treadmill. I was only able to get outside for one long run in the past three months. I want to run outside!!





I have tried to make the best of the treadmill. I paid for Netflix streaming so that I could watch shows and movies on my iPad to help me survive the long workouts on the treadmill. It was fun at first to catch up Weeds and watch some movies. But now the thought of watching an entire movie while running on my treadmill makes me want to curl up in my bed and go to sleep. I find myself snoozing more in the mornings and talking myself into running later instead of first thing in the morning like I normally do. I still get my workouts in but I am in a treadmill depression.

I am sending out a plea to mother nature….Please Please Please send spring my way. I need my runs outside again. Winter is fun and there are a lot of fun things to do in winter but it is now time for winter to go away and come back next year! I am ready to spend 3 days a week outside running and 3 days a week in my home gym doing strength training.

It is sad but I find myself staring longingly at the walking trail across the street from my house. I feel like yelling out the window, I miss you my friend, I will see you soon!





By the way, didn’t the groundhog say spring was right around the corner, I think he lied….

Anyone else out there (in the colder climates) ready for spring to surface?

Question of the day

You just use common sense….

Common sense is defined by wikipedia as “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.”

To me common sense is one of the most important lessons I can teach my boys. The feeling in your gut that tells you this is a good idea or bad idea. The part of your brain telling you something is or isn’t right. Granted I think knowledge from books is important and crucial in life. However, to me common sense is just as if not more important. I feel as though book smarts can only get you so far but if you don’t have common sense you may get taken advantage of or find yourself in a bad situation.

I try to use the term common sense with my boys a lot and when they use common sense I point it out and congratulate them. I hope as they continue to grow and spend more time away from me that they will always remember to just use common sense.

Was there a time you just used common sense? How would you define common sense?

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