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Am I the only one whose noticed that celebrities are penning letters to themselves and at times each other. The first time I really heard of it was around the time when Oprah's May 2012 issue hit the newsstands. Oprah penned a letter to her 19 year old self about where she was at that present time in her life and about the things she had gone through up to that point. I really was moved by Oprah's letter to herself, but now it seems like everyone is following her footsteps.

After Oprah's letter was released, I started hearing about various other celebrities that were sounding off and voicing their anger or opinion by penning letters. You all remember days after the late great Whitney Houston passed, Janet Hubert (Aunt Viv) penned a letter to Wendy Williams going HAM on her about crucifying Whitney for all these years. Then Beyonce turned around and penned a letter to Michelle Obama. Now Erykah Badu penned a letter to Flaming Lips about that X-rated video 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,'(NSFW) and Evelyn Lozada has now penned her seven year old self... REALLY???
 I understand the whole reasoning for Oprah for writing her letter to her 19 year old self and really believe that it was seriously sincere. In the letter Oprah was basically telling herself that despite all the things she endured along her journey that they were very much apart of who she has become. Beyonce's letter to the FLOTUS was really cute as well. But seriously, this seems like a MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO situation.

When I was growing up, my mom used to always tell me to keep a journal so that I could write out my feelings, hurts, angers, and frustration, but those things were kept between God, me and the gatepole. All this public penning these celebrities are doing is simply in my opinion a publicity stunt and I think some of them are trying to keep themselves RELEVANT.

Take Janet Hubert for instance, where the HELL has she been? I mean, I haven't heard anything from or about her since she left Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I understand she might have been a little upset about Wendy Williams dogging Whitney all those years, but seriously was it necessary to publicly write a letter.

Then there's these last two chicks, Erykah Badu and Evelyn Lozada... I mean seriously, where should I start? First of all, I had been hearing so much about this crazy ass video Erykah Badu had done with Flaming Lips  and up until yesterday I hadn't even bothered to look at it until one of my Facebook friends asked had anyone else seen it. When I tell you that was THE most disturbing video I had ever seen in my life I ain't lying. We all remember her Window Seat video where she stripped down naked and ran down the street for not apparent reason and the video ended with her laying on the grown, right? Yeah, that's exactly what I did, BLANK STARE!!! I'm still confused about the reason behind that. Now she wants to get mad at Flaming Lips because they aired her LIPS (lower lips) literally???

Now on to this Evelyn chick. Not that I have ANYTHING against her but seriously chick you show your ass on national TV each week bullying people then crying about it as if you did nothing wrong. I really was on her side until I just really started seeing how angry and even petty she really can be. All that mess she does to Jenn on BBW is really unnecessary. I can understand being hurt or upset with a person but to take it to that level she does is uncalled for. Now none of us REALLY know the whole story because we all know they're going to do what keeps the ratings up but some of the things they air are who those people really are.

So what's y'all take on this whole PENNING trend that seems to be going on among celebrities. Sincerity or Publicity??? Maybe even a cry for help??? I don't know **shrugs**


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