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It's summer break here, which means my son is enjoying a variety of camp activities designed to get him away from the screen, try new things and (hopefully) wear him out a bit. He is having a blast and loves telling me about all the fun stuff he did during the day while I was at work.

But because it is summer and all about fun, he reminds me that we are not to mention school in any type of casual conversation. (He doesn't even like it when I refer to it as the S-word). School, in his opinion, casts a pallor of seriousness and responsibility over all the fun he is having.

It's not to be tolerated.

But, I am an adult who is going to work every day and not outside in the fresh (albeit crazy hot) air, having adventures and making new friends. So, sometimes, I think about my son's return to school at the end of August, and if there are any new things we can try to make it more successful.

Of course, the Internet answers the call for information, so here is a list of how working parents can be more successful when i.... While some of these are not shocking, (be transparent with your colleagues about why you are out and when you will be back at work), others are really helpful for me to keep in mind. For example, my company generously offers time off to volunteer, and if I let my son's teacher know that in advance, I can get the most bang for those days while helping out in the classroom.

So, I will take notes and think about these things while my little man is exploring the great outdoors. I will not talk about them aloud. For now, I just want him to enjoy his summer break.

Do you do any school-year planning in the midst of summer break? Tell me about it in the comments.

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